Every season, short track racing welcomes scores of new promoters, courageous ladies and gentlemen accepting the challenge of track operation. for some of you, track operation and promotion becomes bewildering, different and more complex than you expected.  Against this backdrop, veteran promoters ask, “How can we help? They stand ready to become friends, advisers and mentors.  They remember their first seasons, the weekly challenges, and they recall the difficulty figuring out where to turn for answers. “Where do I get a crash course in track operation,” they wondered? But, they remember what a relief it was to find RPM and attend their first Workshop.  There they found promoters with similar operations willing to share ideas, to network and lend a hand, both at the Workshops and year ‘round upon returning home.  They found colleagues they could confide in. RPM is the place you will discover your own “kitchen cabinet” of fellow promoters with whom you can compare notes with every week throughout the season.


If you’re with a regional tour, a series, a club track, or drivers’ club, you might wonder as people do every year, whether you are welcome at an event named a “promoters’ workshop.”  Don’t let the name mislead.  We welcome you!  Much scheduling gets done at the Workshops. Traveling clubs make acquaintances and connections at the Workshops as much as track owners and operators.  And they join in the sessions alongside promoters.  Some of the most successful driver’s clubs and touring series make the Workshops an annual stop.