GotBackWhen promoters gathered for the first time in Daytona Beach in 1972, and two years later in Riverside, California, and Daytona, no one knew whether a workshop for promoters could succeed. Such was the distrust between promoters of the time that, Hugh Deery (Owner of Rockford Speedway), NASCAR Champion, and Hickory Speedway promoter Ned Jarrett, Stew Reamer (who had published Racing Promotion Monthly for barely twelve months), and Nord Krauskopf, founder of K&K Insurance Group, were relieved just to have gathered promoters in a room successfully. There were many earlier and informal gatherings of promoters, but, the 1972 Daytona event, not yet named an “RPM Workshop,” was the first national meeting for promoters. Deery and Reamer came back in January 1974 with the first “RPM Promoters Workshops” at Riverside, California, and shortly after at Daytona Beach.

In today’s well-organized, corporate business world, we cannot appreciate the obstacles Deery and Reamer overcame establishing the early meetings. Promoters of the day considered colleagues adversaries, if not enemies. Promoters, leading racing organizations and industry suppliers protected their turf as jealously. Some tried to obstruct the development of the Workshops, but Reamer, with his monthly newsletter as the driving force, persevered. Now, forty years later, everyone understands how the Workshops have bolstered grassroots racing.

We describe the Racing Promotion Monthly here as “The Idea Newsletter for Auto Racing Promoters,” and the RPM Promoters Workshops as “The Networking Place for Short Track Promoters,” and as you look over this website you will understand why. Over the past four decades, it is sharing of expertise and ideas, and the networking between promoters that have improved our industry. Promoters now enjoy an environment of cooperation and collaboration, improving racing and revenue at short tracks. The business rivalries of the free market remain. But, the businesses that participate in short track racing now separate their special interests from the greater good and work to common goals, a like-mindedness nonexistent before Racing Promotion Monthly and the Workshops.

Who do we credit for this accomplishment? Primarily the thousands of promoters past and present, promoters just like you. To be sure, RPM, has a hand in all this, but considerable credit goes to promoters. Now, through Racing Promotion Monthly, promoters celebrate what they have in common instead of where they differ. Each off-season at the RPM Promoters Workshops veterans to mentor newcomers and promoters collaborate on schedules and events, old friends gather and new friends are made.

As you review this website now, remember that the fraternity of promoters is small, numbering barely a thousand, and that despite the faceless nature of the World Wide Web, this is your passport to a tight-knit community of small business people who stand ready to work with you to increase enthusiasm for racing and make your race track a success. We live in a time when the anonymity of the Web dominates our daily life, a time when with each passing day, many wonder where congeniality, cooperation, and personal service have gone. Every business today needs a Web presence, and this website is ours, but more important, it is your door to the personal service that is RPM, and to the support and expertise of seasoned short track promoters. Look over all the information here, but keep in mind that we stand ready to give you personal service. You can call 715.536.1067 and Stewart Doty, the editor of RPM, will pick up the phone and assist you. You can email, and receive a prompt response to your inquiry. We look forward to assisting you.