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Who Will Succeed Roger Hadan As ARPY?

Who will succeed Roger Hadan as the next Auto Racing Promoter of the Year (ARPY)?  Who will you nominate in your region this season?  The RPM ARPY, sponsored by Charlotte Motor Speedway, is the only award recognizing promotional… Read More

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Listen To Your Announcer

Does your announcer show up just before the races and talk when the first car leaves the pit?  What sense does that make?  Meantime, you left hundreds of early arriving, entertainment-seeking fans sitting bored with a silent PA… Read More

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Dust, The Fixable Fan Turn-Off

How often do you look critically your own show and how you could make it better? Here’s an idea from the Workshops.  If you have a dirt track and it gets dusty, you are driving away fans.  That’s… Read More

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Size Up Your Starter

How do you rate your starter?  Does he or she have a good relationship with the drivers and start off race night with a good drivers’ meeting and meet and talk with drivers before and after the races. … Read More

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Don’t Teach Fans To Pick & Choose!

Promoters complain that they can’t draw a weekly crowd.  The reason: many promoters don’t care about their weekly races–and they let it show.  They offer weekly races so they can keep the dirt track in shape for special… Read More

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