Racing Promotion Monthly is all about improving your short track operation, increasing crowds, car counts and sponsorship and it comes to you free of charge courtesy of our sponsors.

Get More From Your Trip To Indy!

Headed to Indy for the trade show?  Arrive a day early and take the RPM@Indy Promoters Workshops.  Late entries are welcome.  No extra charge for credentials.  The Media Center, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, December 9, 9 a.m. sharp, 8… Read More

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How Will You Draw More Cars & Fans?

With four months to lay groundwork, every short track should be able to begin 2016 on firmer ground.  The sessions at RPM@Indy, RPM@Daytona, will help you make the most of the “off-season,” so that when fans and drivers… Read More

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Planning Your Second Season As a Promoter?

How Was Your First?  How much did you lose?  Did you reach the your goals?  If not, the RPM Promoters Workshops have what you need.  You can draw more cars, increase your crowds, sell more sponsors?  Subscribe to… Read More

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Where Are You?  What Are You Thinking About? 

Right now, promoters are gathered at the RPM@Vegas Workshop.  Herman is live in Las Vegas, on stage. If you’re in Vegas, come on down.  But, in four weeks, it will be RPM@Indy, and you could be there.  So if… Read More

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It’s Not Too Late, Even When It’s Late! 

Miss the RPM@Vegas or RPM@Indy credential deadline?  Maybe you’re in Vegas for the Duel In The Desert. You can still get credentials as a late entry, at no up charge.  The next four months before the season starts… Read More

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