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Season Wrap: We Don’t Race What We Drive

Thirty years ago we envied friends who had new Chevelles and Camaros and we watched local heroes race them.  Today, popular customized imported and domestic compact cars are favorites for cruising, and dominate the drive-in restaurant parking lots on Friday… Read More

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Are You Seeing A Shrinking Middle Class?

Oval racing grew up when there were plentiful good-paying, blue-collar jobs. These are harder to come by in an ‘information society. Service economy jobs do not pay as well as union jobs 30 years ago.  Today’s young adults and teens… Read More

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Season Wrap: How Will Balance The Books In 2015?

Business people know expenses come due before income arrives. If your average attendance dropped 10% this season and weather was not the cause, where will you cut 10% the first night of 2015?  And, if you haven’t lined… Read More

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Season Wrap: How Will You Change For 2015?

Traditionally, promoters are nuts and bolts people, even now when mechanics plug computers into cars to fix them. The Futurist Magazine predicted 30 years ago that people would have seven careers before retiring.  Why then shouldn’t the job… Read More

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39th ARPY: Nominate Now, Who Will It Be?

Nominate today.  Subscribe to RPM and download your ballot.  Who will succeed Roger Hadan as the next Auto Racing Promoter of the Year (ARPY)?  Who will you nominate in your region this season?  The RPM ARPY, sponsored by… Read More

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