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RPM Takeaway: Social Media, More Than A Digital Poster! 

Many promoters look at social media as another place to hang a poster–the digital equivalent of the corner telephone pole or sandwich board at an intersection. With such an approach, the potential benefits of social and web media… Read More

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Do Away With Time Trials, Hot Laps!

Occasionally, we visit a track that has done away with hot laps or more often qualifying.  In these times of fans’ short attention spans and low tolerance for boredom, we think the elimination of hot laps, qualifying, or… Read More

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RPM Flashback: Tips From Workshops Sessions.

From the 1993 Daytona Beach Workshop, these suggestions for cost-control measures and tech guidelines for promoters.  1. Use a one-tire or spec-tires rule.  2. Use an engine or car claim.  (Keep the claim amount as low as possible. … Read More

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After The DSQ, Be Careful What You Say!

The old military saying, “Loose lips sink ships,” applies at your race track.  Disqualifications can be awkward and embarrassing, especially so if they result from oversights instead of deliberate efforts to circumvent rules.  After a DSQ, don’t add… Read More

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Have You Read Your News Releases?

We read many news releases, and most can be improved. Does the first sentence give the reader a who, what, when, where, why, and how of the story, conveying just the facts without typical racing cliches such as… Read More

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