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Race Night: Security Tips

Are you required by your municipality to use off-duty police or deputies or do you employ your own security people?  We know of tracks required to use many off-duty officers at exorbitant rates and we hope you track… Read More

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Operations: Restroom Cleaning Tips

How were your restrooms last week?  Would your restrooms pass your spouse’s white glove test?  Public restrooms are a challenge for everybody but clean restrooms leave a lasting positive impression.  Here are some tips.  When race night begins, are… Read More

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Sponsorship: Activation Is Essential 

When you sell a sponsorship, do you factor in the costs of activation?  Do you factor in the logistics and race night manning necessary for activation and out-of-pocket expenses?  Advertisers now look for much more than “exposure,” and… Read More

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Rules & Tech: If You DSQ, Confiscate.  

If your tech people DSQ cars for unapproved components, then you should confiscate those components.  If you do not confiscate, you should not DSQ, because you have surrendered key evidence necessary to uphold the disqualification. After you confiscate,… Read More

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July Fourth: Make It Special

Every race night at your speedway should be “special,” more than cars racing in circles.  But, some, because of the date, should be even more special than others.  One of those dates is the race night near July Fourth… Read More

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