Promoters’ Season Analysis Guide, RPM 44.08 Online & E-mailed

4408iPadGraphicWebPostDelivered by email today to promoters, a Season Analysis Guide, from Racing Promotion Monthly, helps promoters sum up 2014 and plan for 2015.  The latest promoters’ and race officials’ e-magazine, also includes the complete lineup of sessions at the 42nd Annual RPM Promoters Workshops.  Also in this latest issue are: Legalert: Licensing Drivers Revisited, and an open letter to drivers turned promoters completing their first year.  These are accompanied by Read More

Workshops Online Credentialing Now Live

42LogoNL130Promoters and track owners, and racing officials from tracks, clubs, tours, and series may now reserve credentials online for the upcoming 42nd Annual RPM Promoters Workshops through the Racing Promotion Monthly website.  Find the link to do so in the main menu under the “Credentials” tabs. The Workshops will convene in Reno, NV, December 3-4-5, 2014, in Indianapolis, IN, December 10, 2014, and in Daytona Beach, FL February 15-16-17, 2015.

RPM 44.07: Camping, iPads For POS, Social Media Dysfunction, And More

4407iPadCoverOnline today and delivered by email, the latest promoters’ and race officials’ e-magazine, Racing promotion Monthly, discusses camping at late season events, dysfunctional social media, iPads for concession POS and more.  Also discussed in this latest issue are: Legalert: Drivers’ Clubs Declining Admittance to Troublesome Drivers,   Read More

Workshops Web Brochure Online.

42WebBro1smAre you new to the promotional community finishing up your first season, or maybe your second?  Are you puzzled by unexpected results, or left wondering why the experience is different than you expected.  Is this the first you have heard of the RPM Promoters Workshops, despite their 42-year record as the promoters networking place?  None of these things are uncommon, and the RPM Promoters Workshops offer you the opportunity to get to know, and talk with, been-there, done-that, promoters who have had the same experience. Planning is now underway for the December and February promoters events at Reno, Indy, and Daytona Beach and the RPM Promoters Workshops brochure, with information on the dates, the benefits of the workshops, lodging, and credential reservations, is now available for download or viewing online.  Download the 42nd Workshops brochure HERE in PDF file.  View brochure on your computer online HERE.

A Challenged Industry The Focus Of RPM Promoters Workshops

Following a season of unpredictable attendance and car counts, a challenged industry grappling with a changing business climate and the influence of digital media, will gather in December and February for the 42nd Annual RPM Promoters Workshops.  “There is widespread concern throughout oval motorsports as demographic changes take hold, as the weak economy continues, and digital pastimes keep people indoors at home,” said Workshops Chairman Stewart Doty, Editor of Racing Promotion Monthly, the presenter of the Workshops. “Business conditions are the most difficult in 40 years, but despite this, we witness operations that meet the challenges head on and surmount them, and the Workshops offers all the sport’s stakeholders the opportunity to share what’s working for them.”

Reserve Reno, Speedweek Credential, Reserve RPM@Indy Credential

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RPM 44.06, Have You Abandoned PR (Part Two)

4406Mailer copyIn its latest promoters’ and race officials’ e-magazine, Racing promotion Monthly continues its discussion promoters‘ abandonment of PR and advertising.  It also profiles Roger and Michelle Hadan’s Eagle (NE) Raceway. In DQMOT, the editor wonders how with all the technology at racing’s disposal fans still find it hard to keep posted about rain outs?  These informative pieces are accompanied by Read More

RPM 44.05, Do You Suffer From Marketing Myopia?

4405Mailer copy 2In its second electronic issue, RPM asks, “Do you suffer marketing myopia” while it also discusses “When the health inspector visits.”  In DQMOT, the editor wonders is motorsports its own worst enemy?  These informative pieces are accompanied by 15 other topics including: No-Stop” Rules, an RPM Flashback with tips for sizing up your starter.  It also asks, “Have you listened to your announcer?” Other subjects include: Legalert: EMTs Who Won’t Sign Waiver, from the RPM IdeaFile: Fixable Fan Turnoffs: Dust, For New Promoters: Mid-Season Rule Changes, to Make Them or Not? and ARPYs’ Ideas: “Circus-Style” Promotion. These are accompanied by Read More