RPM 44.06, Have You Abandoned PR (Part Two)

4406Mailer copyIn its latest promoters’ and race officials’ e-magazine, Racing promotion Monthly continues its discussion promoters‘ abandonment of PR and advertising.  It also profiles Roger and Michelle Hadan’s Eagle (NE) Raceway. In DQMOT, the editor wonders how with all the technology at racing’s disposal fans still find it hard to keep posted about rain outs?  These informative pieces are accompanied by Read More

RPM 44.05, Do You Suffer From Marketing Myopia?

4405Mailer copy 2In its second electronic issue, RPM asks, “Do you suffer marketing myopia” while it also discusses “When the health inspector visits.”  In DQMOT, the editor wonders is motorsports its own worst enemy?  These informative pieces are accompanied by 15 other topics including: No-Stop” Rules, an RPM Flashback with tips for sizing up your starter.  It also asks, “Have you listened to your announcer?” Other subjects include: Legalert: EMTs Who Won’t Sign Waiver, from the RPM IdeaFile: Fixable Fan Turnoffs: Dust, For New Promoters: Mid-Season Rule Changes, to Make Them or Not? and ARPYs’ Ideas: “Circus-Style” Promotion. These are accompanied by Read More

Where Promoters Network, Companies Make Sales!

Exhibit space in the trade show that accompanies the 42nd Annual RPM Promoters Workshops, in Reno, NV and Indianapolis, IN, next December and during Speedweek, Daytona Beach, FL, next February, is available now. The trade show annually hosts companies offering services and products used by weekly race track promoters, and is a highlight of the conventions attended by more that 1000 promoters, and their employees.

The exhibitor prospectus/application is available online. Firms looking for marketing opportunities with America’s 1300-plus weekly schedule short tracks and dragstrips can request it from Racing Promotion Monthly or download it online from

The RPM Promoters Workshops are produced by Racing Promotion Monthly, the idea newsletter for auto racing promoters, with the support of K&K Insurance Group, Inc., and Hoosier Racing Tire. For more information, contact Racing Promotion Monthly at 715.536.1067 or by email at:

RPM Issue 44.04 E-Magazine Now Online

SampleImage2Readers can now electronically access their first e-published issue of Racing Promotion Monthly, the idea newsletter for auto racing promoters.  Issue 44.04, now a 24-page, color, e-magazine can be read by computer, tablet, or smartphone, or downloaded in PDF file format, printed, and archived for reference.

In this first electronic issue, RPM asks: “Have You Abandoned Publicity?” and discusses eight promotional and track operation topics, including: TechSpec: “Language Pitfalls: ‘Legal’ Versus ‘Approved,’” The Media Mix, “Five Ways To Leverage Facebook;” ARPYs’ Ideas Roger Hadan Discusses “Kart Track Pros and Cons”; RPM IdeaFile: “A Better Way To Involve Young Fans”; For New Promoters: “Are More Specials The Answer?” Workshops Takeaway: “Do You Make Your Show, Or Do You Let It Happen?” and Showbiz Tips: “Don’t Teach Fans To Pick & Choose.”  Also in this issue: the Directory of Services for Promoters, and RPM Flashback, “You Might Be a Racing Promoter If…,” plus two promoter profiles and more.

If you are not an enrolled RPM reader, subscribe today HERE to ensure you receive each new issue of the “The Idea Newsletter for Auto Racing Promoters.”  This latest issue  is free to promoters and others in the racing industry, courtesy of K&K Insurance Group, and Hoosier Racing Tire. Read on iPad or tablet here: Flip-Page Edition.  Download here: PDF File

RPM Newsletter Re-Launches As E-Magazine

ipadmini5SmSiteShort track promoters will soon receive electronically their first issue of the newly relaunched Racing Promotion Monthly, the idea newsletter for auto racing promoters.  Now, it is 44th year of continuous publication, the newsletter, available to race promoters, officials, track employees, series and tour operators, and officials, is now a 24-page, color, e-magazine that can be read by computer, tablet, or smartphone, as well as downloaded in PDF file format, printed, and archived for future reference.  Readers may subscribe, or update with a preferred e-mail address, or access the e-publication through home page links and the menu above.  The premier issue featuring 17 topics of interest to promoters ranging from tech and race operations to promotions and marketing, illustrated in bright digital color, will become available later this week.

Irene Venditti, 1919-2014

RPM offers condolences to the Venditti family, friends and employees of Seekonk Speedway.  Irene’s husband D. Anthony, was the third Auto Racing Promoter of the Year, 1978.

Promoters’ Bragging Rights


Bragging Rights! The winning pavement racing team defeated the dirt racing team winning the the traveling trophy and 2014 bragging rights at Promoters’ Fun Night at the Daytona Lagoon Monday night of the Speedweek RPM Promoters Workshop.  Team members: Min Kennett, Dan Redkey, Andy Jach, Garrett Saunders, William Scogin.  Thanks to Ed Kennedy and his Lagoon staff for hosting promoters.