Nominations for Regional Auto Racing Promoter of the Year are now open.  Readers of Racing Promotion Monthly may use the ballot in Issue 44.07 and subsequent issues of Racing Promotion Monthly, to nominate promoters from their region, a wild card nomination, and to nominate events for the annual Outstanding Short Track Event Award.  The top nominee in each of six regions becomes the region’s Regional Auto Racing Promoter of the Year.  Promoters will select from the six regional nominees on the final ballot that will appear in the newsletter at year’s end to bestow the 39th Auto Racing Promoter of the Year Award.  Online nominations will not be offered this year. The ballot in editable PDF form may be completed by computer or by hand and returned to RPM via FAX, email, or postal mail.  We encourage everyone to nominate promoters at their earliest convenience.  Nominations will close December 15, 2014.

Obtain your ballot from your recent copy of Racing Promotion Monthly, or subscribe using the below link to gain access to the newsletter and the ballot.