Download the application for the RPM@Indy Workshop, Indianapolis, IN, here. The RPM Promoters Workshops accepts applications via the US Postal Service and via FAX.  The deadline for online RPM@Indy Workshop  credential applications is November 21, 2014. After the application deadline, late entries will be accepted on site at the Workshop. Apply by presenting yourself at the RPM Guest Services Desk at the Brickyard Crossing Golf Club.  The cost for late-entry credentials is $149.00 per person.  Advanced deadline discounts do not apply to late entries.   If you are an exhibitor you must reserve credentials with the commercial registrant credential application form which may be found under the “Exhibitor” tab in the menu bar on the home page.

MULTIPLE WORKSHOPS: If you will attend multiple Workshops, please complete separate credential applications.  Do not combine applications on one form.