If you are a first time visitor to our website, a preparatory step is necessary to enable credential applications.  This step is necessary for all non-exhibitor applicants, and this step may require up to 48 hours (Usually 12 hours or less) for account verification before your credential application can be made.

NOTES TO WORKSHOPS EXHIBITORS: Exhibitor applicants please proceed directly to the Exhibitor menu tab, select “Get Credentials,” and enter the password provided in your exhibitor email memos.  If you are an exhibitor who is also an RPMFrnz VIP, please understand that your Exhibitor Password is required to access exhibitor pages.  Your RPMFrnz login credentials are exclusively for access to non-exhibitor areas of this website.

If you are a prior visitor to the RPM Website and enjoy an earlier established RPMfrnz VIP account with login and password credentials, you may proceed directly to the credential application pages under the Workshops tab in the menu above.

NOTE ABOUT DEADLINE: The deadlines for online Reno, Indianapolis, and Speedweek Daytona credential applications are noted on the online application landing page. Non-Exhibitor applicants, please note the deadlines for applications for Early Application Discount credentials, a savings of $50 per credential. After the Early Application Discount deadline passes, you may still reserve credentials for the Western, Indianapolis, and Daytona Workshops however, the discounts do not apply.

AFTER DEADLINE APPLICATIONS: Credentials may be obtained on-site at the Workshops. Apply for credentials after the deadlines by presenting yourself at the RPM registration desk any day of any Workshop. Pre-event discounts do not apply to on-site applications.

MULTIPLE WORKSHOPS: If you will attend two Workshops, for instance, The Western and the Speedweek Workshop, it is necessary to complete two separate credential applications, or two make two separate online credential requests.

If you do not use a computer, and do not work with someone who can use a computer for you, we invite you to telephone or e-mail Stewart Doty, 715-536-1067 for personal service.  He will provide the credential application form via postal mail, FAX, or e-mail.


Reserving credentials for the 41st Annual RPM Promoters Workshops is a two step process.  These instructions describe the necessary steps.

STEP 1:  CREATE WEBSITE USER NAME AND PASSWORD.  Using your computer, navigate to the Racing Promotion Monthly website. ( Establish yourself as an RPMfrnz VIP if you have not already done so.  This is how you accomplish that.

1.  In the menu bar, navigate to the “VIP Entry” tab

2.  From the pull down menu under VIP Entry, select “VIP Enrollment”

3.  Establish yourself as a VIP user of the RPM website.  You will be prompted to create your unique RPMFrnz user name.  You will receive your temporary password in an automatic email response after you submit the information and RPM has verified it.  This email will not be immediate and it will be necessary for  you to return to the site to finish reserving credentials later (see next paragraph).  If you are already an RPMfrnz VIP, skip this step and proceed to step two.

(Note that it may require up to 48 hours for RPM to verify your account.  However, most accounts are verified in 12 hours or less. You must wait for your verification email before your user name and password become active.)

STEP 2:  RESERVE CREDENTIALS.  After establishing your website credentials and receiving your verification email, not the password and return to and navigate to the “VIP Login” page and enter your user name and password, then proceed to the “Workshops” tab and navigate to the credential page of your choice.

1.  In the pull-down menu under “Workshops,” select the Workshop you plan to attend and the credential application method you prefer (i.e.  Workshops > Reno NV/ RPM@Indy/Daytona Beach > Get Credentials > Mail or FAX 0r > Online)

2.  When prompted, on the appropriate page (Mail or FAX/Online) if necessary, enter the RPMfrnz user name and password you established in Step 1.

3.  After doing so, you may download the credential application in PDF file form or you may register online using the online application.

If you encounter problems, please call Stewart Doty, 715-536-1067, 8a-5p CST M-F, or email for assistance.