Missed RPM@Reno? Don’t Miss RPM@Indy

OK, you missed RPM@Reno, but if you’re headed to Indy, you can still experience an RPM Promoters Workshop December 5, at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Credentials remain available. Late entries online or onsite are welcome. Get a jump on… Read More

RPM@Indy: It’s Not Too Late, Even When It’s Late!

Miss the RPM@Indy credential deadline?  You can still get credentials as a late entry, at no up charge.  If you’re looking for ideas for your short track, you can still get hundreds of ideas that will increase car… Read More

Short Track Promoters, Get More From Your Trip To Indy!

Headed to Indy for the trade show?  Arrive a day early and take the RPM@Indy Promoters Workshops.  Late entries are welcome.  No extra charge for credentials.  The Media Center, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, December 5, 9 a.m. sharp, 8… Read More

Leap Frog Local Issues!

Maybe it’s difficult to compare notes with nearby promoters. But, at the RPM Promoters Workshops, you’ll find promoters from other regions to compare notes with, without all the inconvenient stuff getting in the way. Credentials for RPM@Reno, RPM@Indy… Read More

Rainy Season, How Do I Recover? RPM@Reno, RPM@Indy Can Help!

Experienced promoters know how and they’ll share their secrets at the RPM Promoters Workshops. You can still make it to RPM@Reno and RPM@Indy.  Get credentials as a late entry, at no up charge.  Network with promoters ready to compare,… Read More

RPM@Reno: Procrastinating Promoters Pay No Penalty!

Deadline, what deadline? The credential deadline for RPM@Reno has passed. But, if your Reno plans are still coming together, you are welcome to get your promoters workshop credential at the Workshop. Late entries welcome at RPM@Reno.  The Media Center, Tower Terrace,… Read More

Great Speakers, 16 Sessions, Especially For Short Track Promoters

You can still make it to RPM@Reno and RPM@Indy.  Great presenters: Kendra Jacobs, Steve Beitler, SpeedShift TV’s Toby Kruse, Darren Shanley, Marketer and promoter Mike Lysakowski and 10 breakout sessions discussing emergency incident management, the evolving venue, sealed… Read More