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Daytona 2023

Daytona 2023

Daytona 2023

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"RPM@DAYTONA Workshops Preview"

  • Time to Work in the "Sunshine State"...

"49th Annual RPM@DAYTONA Final Scheule"

  • The comprehensive session schedule for RPM@Daytona

"Special Guest Speaker"

  • Find out who will be joining us

"Trade Show" Sneak Preview

Chapter 26 - Let Em' All Go

  • The final installment from Chris Economaki's Chapter 26 - "Uncle Bob Harmon and other thoughts"

Time of Show...
An in depth look at the "attention span" and how it relates to the time it takes for us to run our shows

Speed Sport 1
The broadcast network built by Motorsports...

RPM@Daytona Information

Exhibitor and Sponsor Spotlight

Get in the Know

  • Motorsports topics across the board.

  • Speed Sport, Rivet and RPMWorkshops.TV enter into the "Live Stream"...

TraxPix 2021

  • Random photos from our the racing landscape that help tell many stories. This time around, we take several walks down memory lane...

Legal Update

  • The importance of Proofreading and some points in regard to Broadcast and Social Media Rights...

COVID-19 Ongoing Pandemic Document Warehouse

Directory of Services

Much of the Nation is functioning in below "normal" temperatures as "Speedweek" approaches with events at the "World Center of Racing, Daytona International Speedway"; the DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park and the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway - all a short drive from the Plaza Resort & Spa in Volusia County, Florida that help put the 2022 season in full swing. It's time to "sneak" away and catch the traditional start to the racing season.
It's time to head to the beach, Daytona Beach that is for the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops at the Plaza Resort & Spa.

** RPM@Daytona Preview;

Before you know it, we will be walking the halls and sitting in the ballroom at the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach, Florida, taking in all that the two-days of the 49th annual RPM@Daytona Workshops can offer.

We have an impressive and aggressive built to offer attendees and exhibitors the most we can over two-days. The two-day schedule was built off a variety of input and interests. It will bring an interesting blend of modern and traditional topics together.

The business of the Workshops is providing you with an opportunity to make your business better by bringing people together to better our industry.

In addition, the Workshops in Daytona, there are the award presentations, which will be scattered throughout the show. We are working to spruce up those productions, however, they become a challenge with the allotted time to put the entire presentation together.

We look forward to hosting you in a few short days at the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops at the Plaza Resort & Spa, which will see several new presentations including Chris Dolack, Randy LaJoie, Gregg McKarns, Kendra Jacobs and the featured presentation of John Formica an "Ex Disney Guy", who brings a unique dynamic to the loaded two-days of the Workshops and sends a video edition in this edition of the newsletter.

In the last Daytona preview, we promised that it would be the final edition of the schedule however an unforeseen circumstance has forced us to revise one last time and it is included in this edition.

If you are still looking to make reservations, make them now; the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops take place, Monday, February 14 and Tuesday, February 15th at the Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach, Florida. Rooms can be booked here; (

The 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops stand as a "can't miss" event for track promoters throughout North America.

We hope you will find a way to join us.

A video message from guest speaker, John Formica, an "Ex-Disney Guy" who will be working with everyone in attendance at the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops to help them improve their overall "Customer Experience" and more...

John Formica is being brought to RPM by PitPay, the Pit Pass App and it's founder, Frank Bolter.
RPM@DAYTONA WORKSHOP SCHEDULE – Subject to change, additional topics and presenters;

4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. RPM@Daytona Workshop Credentials - “Convention Center Entrance Area”

8:30 a.m. WORKSHOPS GUEST SERVICES DESK OPENS, Convention Area at the Plaza Resort & Spa Advanced and late-entry credentials available.
8:45 a.m. WORKSHOPS TRADE SHOW OPENS, products and services for promoters and short tracks.
9:35 a.m. PROMOTERS’ WELCOME, Main Ballroom – Plaza Resort & Spa - 49^th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops Opening
10:15 a.m. JOHN FORMICA; “America and Australia’s Customer Experience Coach” brought to you by the PitPay App and PitPay owner, Frank Bolter.
11:30 a.m. RICK RADUCHA, brings you a different perspective of the sport. Raducha, a life long race fan, marketing and public relations person for much of his life.
12:00-1:30 p.m. LUNCH BREAK
1:45 p.m. CHRIS DOLACK, DIRTcar Director of Marketing and Public Relations – Dolack will give “real speak” in regard to publicity.
2:15 p.m. JOHN FORMICA; “Employee Coaching and Training” brought to you by the PitPay App and PitPay owner, Frank Bolter.

2:45-4:15 p.m. Concurrent Sessions: Five topics, two rooms.


3:30-4:15 p.m. JOHN FORMICA – “ONE-ON-ONE” – Questions and Answers.

4:15-4:40 p.m. AFTERNOON AMBIANCE JOIN 43RD ARPY… Gregg McKarns continues this new RPM tradition with great ideas, adventure and exploration through our promotional world.
4:45 p.m. The RPM Workshops Welcome “Special Guest Speaker” – Vice Chairman of NASCAR, Mike Helton


8:15 a.m. WORKSHOPS GUEST SERVICES DESK OPENS, Convention Area at the Plaza Resort & Spa Advanced and late-entry credentials available.
8:30 a.m. WORKSHOPS TRADE SHOW OPENS, Continental breakfast, products and services for promoters and short tracks.
9:30 a.m. WELCOME & ANNOUNCEMENTS, 2022 Date Introduction and to the 50^th RPM RENO WESTERN WORKSHOPS
9:45 a.m. JOE TRIPP; Managing Partner and CEO at Speed Sport News to talk about all things Media – Streaming, Electronic, Print and Publicity.
10:15 a.m. KENDRA JACOBS, The Knoxville Speedway marketing director, brings her brand of expertise center stage as part of the Workshops.
11:15 a.m. ANNUAL CASE LAW SUMMARY: Paul Tetreault, Agajanian, McFall, Weiss, Tetreault, & Crist, LLP review the year’s case law decisions.
12:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. LUNCH BREAK
1:30 p.m. WORKSHOP RECONVENES, followed by Concurrent Sessions: with influential topics presented in two rooms.

1:30 – 2:30 p.m. – PRO-BONO HOUR, Tetreault takes an hour to discuss topics individually.
2:30 – 3:00 p.m. – RELEASE AND WAIVER DETAIL, Tetreault
3:45-4:30 p.m. – TRACK PREPARATION DISCUSSION WITH THE EXPERTS: VP Racing Fuels experts talk about dirt and asphalt track preparation offering help and advice…

1:30 – 2:00 p.m. – WEBSITES & E-COMMERCE: Where are we now? Have we evolved? What’s next?
3:00-3:45 p.m. – COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT? What does it mean? How does it help?
3:45-4:30 p.m. – RPM WORKSHOPS DISCUSSION What is next? What needs to be discussed? Where do we go from here?

5:00 p.m. ADJOURNMENT: Enjoy, please remain safe, with a safe journey home as well as enjoying some of the great racing action spread throughout Volusia County and the state of Florida.
Kendra Jacobs, an industry veteran and Knoxville (Iowa) Speedway's Director of Marketing will present on Tuesday morning as one of the many featured speakers heading into the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops.

** "Special Guest Spearker"

On Monday, February 14, to close out the first day of the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops, Mike Helton from NASCAR, will join RPM for a special address to close out the day's activities. A first in the history of the RPM Workshops. We appreciate his consideration and will to join us.
In anticipation of an exciting two days at the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops we are providing a preview list of exhibiting companies planning to be in attendance at the Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach;

Hoosier Racing Tire (Lakeville, Indiana);
K&K Insurance (Fort Wayne, Indiana);
Lucas Oil Products (Corona, California);
MyRacePass (Lincoln, Nebraska);
Firethorn Marketing (Goodyear, Arizona);
Speed Sport / Speed Sport TV / Turn 3 Media (Mooresville, North Carolina);
IMCA Racing (Boone, Iowa)
NASCAR (Daytona Beach, Florida);
Race Track Wholesale (Independence, Missouri);
Pit Pay (Charlotte, North Carolina);
Simes Graphic Design (Mandan, N.D.);
RACEceiver (Gainesville, Georgia);
MyLaps Timing & Scoring (AMB) (Atlanta, Georgia);
Sports Insurance Specialties (Fort Wayne, Indiana);
Jones Birdsong (Chanhassen, Minnesota);
Vortex Insurance Agency (Overland Park, Kansas);
WISSOTA (St. Cloud, Minnesota);
Romeo Entertainment Group (Nashville, Tennessee);
VP Racing Fuels (San Antonio, Texas);
Sunoco Racing Fuels (Marcus Hook, Pa.);
American Racer Tire (Indiana, Pennsylvania);
Event Sprout (Deerfield, Illinois);
Westhold (Santa Clara, California);
Mercury Marine / Quiksilver (Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin);
Trackside Ticket App (Canton, Ohio);
Racing America (Charlotte, N.C.);
Performance Racing Industry (PRI) (Long Beach, California);

RPM provides a unique up close & personal opportunity to meet with representatives of the business. Networking, meetings, one-on-one discussion it's all in the business when it comes to RPM and the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops.
RPM ENDORSEMENT; Sue Deery with Rockford Speedway, who appears above with her Mother, Jody Deery (who is now 97 and one of the originating founders of the Workshops) attended the 49th Annual RPM@RENO Western Workshops - "I'm pretty happy on how Reno went. The Workshops are something my family takes great pride in and we have attended as many as we have been able to since the beginning and I left with 18 pages of notes, that tells a story of how valuable the Workshops are each and every time..."
The Performance Racing Industry Trade Show -
December 8 - 10, 2022 - Indianapolis, Indiana
Economaki, at his typewriter interviewing and sharing a laugh with 1955 Indianapolis 500 Winner, Bob Sweikert.
Chapter 26 in the book "Let Em' All Go! The Story of Auto Racing by the Man that was there - Chris Economaki" is titled; "Promotion: Where did it go?", beginning on page 270 we continue an in-depth look into the chapter.

This will be the final installment of our look at "Chaoter 26" Economaki offers continued insight and observation of auto-racing promoters;

"Another guy like that (remember in the last installment, Economaki talked about J.C. Agajanian) was Bob Harmon, who was a prominent short-track promoter throughout the South for many years. Bob had a diverse background. He was successful as a short-track promoter, as the promoter of a regional traveling series, and he was a terrific race announcer.

Bob has this wonderful basso profoundo voice that just boomed. Wonderful! Everyone liked Bob, and they liked listening to him.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people don't like some promoters. They admire them, but they don't like them. But Bob was genuinely well-liked by the people he interacted with.

He had this great line, 'Money talks and bullshit walks'. What a perfect motto especially in this business."

Economaki closed the chapter after referencing Harmon with the following;

"Sometimes I look around in our sport and I'm concerned. Where is the next generation of guys like Humpy Wheeler, J.C. Agajanian and Bob Harmon going to come from? I just don't see a lot of young guys wanting to get into the promotional business and that worries me.

It's a tough business and everybody bitches at you and your risk often far outweighs the reward. I hope the next generation will step up and keep things going, because the very future of the sport depends on it."

Economaki knew full well what he was telling Dave Argabright while they put "Let Em' All Go!" together, personally, it would be great to see Economaki's reaction to our environment right now.

Bob Sargent, Gregg McKarns, Dan Robinson, Roger Slack are just a few names carrying the torch forward. There are many young promoters sitting in this room, ready to help move the sport forward and from each generation there will be figures looked at as iconic as a result of their efforts.

The passion and desire to exceed is incredible. The effort that it breeds is nothing short of "super human". We think Chris would be proud of where we are today. Gone is the attitude that "it's dying" and brought in is the attitude and question of "how do we make this better?"

It is remarkable to watch and even better to be a part of.

If racing is anything, it is cyclic. It is always evolving to "what's next..." Much like anything Chris Economaki did, anyone in this sport is looking for the next project, the next story, the race to build. We live in a "now" world and many of us have adapted well to that, so we move forward and look at "what's next?" as we continue to try and make this business stronger.
Bob "Uncle Bob" Harmon, was one of the "All-Time Greats". Always quick with a smile, strong promotions at Nashville Speedway and the All Pro Series in the Southeast. Harmon had many jokes and you ever heard the "picklesicle" story, consider yourself blessed. A true one-of-a-kind in the business. Harmon once raced himself as we found in the archive above.

For OVER 25 years Simes Graphic Designs has been providing the edge that the auto-racing industry has sought by producing high-quality printed products for track operators, drivers and racing-related businesses. Located in North Dakota, Simes Graphic Designs thrills customers across the United States with easily accessible services.

Understanding that racing is a highly specialized business which needs products that express the excitement and high power action of the sport in a clear, concise message that informs and sells the customer on the next ticket sale.

As a small full-service graphic arts studio and agency, we offer personalized service to our clients and a one-on-one experience with NO-NONSENSE pricing policies that specializes in advertising materials. We make it easy for the race promoter to get ad agency quality work at prices they can afford.

Our experience allows us to create eye-catching concepts for the web or printed piece, creating the excitement of short track racing with powerful graphic images, buzz words and catch phrases that gain the customers attention.

Whether you need a poster, pocket schedules, programs, or event logo and web content, we can create advertising marketing material that absolutely conveys the excitement and the fun of short track racing.

A small studio that treats every client with the utmost importance. We have worked with small and large short tracks from coast-to-coast and almost every track in-between.

With a unique pricing concept, we include all artwork, design, printing and shipping costs in the final price.
Dave Moody, for as long as he's been on SIRIUS XM Radio and the Motor Racing Network, he will always be the voice of "The nation's site of Excitement" to the editor of the RPM Newsletter. Moody was an announcer at Barre, Vermont's famous Thunder Road International Speedbowl for Ken Squier and Tom Curley. One of the best short track announcers in the business. Moody is a friend of short track racing and he's looking to help out your announcers. Look for more information coming in the future and don't forget to tune in to his show "SIRIUS XM Speedway". Hear Dave "The Godfather" Moody keep listeners informed with an unpredictable mix of driver interviews, listener phone calls and insightful commentary. Get in on the action and call 1-866-PIT-LANE (866-748-5263).
While the above photo is utilized as an over exaggeration of fans being bored at an event, we have to pay attention and make sure our events are living up to expectations. Very recently, we have read social media posts that read "we ended the race short due to curfew"; "it's a 8 division show and it's going on 1:00am and we still have 3 features to go..." based on reading multiple interactions like this, RPM performed some research on the our attention spans. Very interesting information was uncovered.

One of the primary focuses of RPM through the Newsletter and the Workshops is always helping to sell more tickets, however we have to continuously examine what we are doing to produce our events and make them compelling, running them off in a timely fashion to deliver fans a positive experience. An experience that leaves them wanting more, ultimately to purchase another ticket.

The average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s — seriously. A recent study found that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 (or around the time advent of smartphones hitting the scene) to eight seconds today. In comparison, scientists believe that the goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds.

In RPM's research, it was consistently found that attention span was decreasing. In specific settings, (speaking engagements and classroom type events), the average attention span of any single person was 7 minutes.

We are constantly bombarded by texts, tweets, push notifications, ads, Facebook posts, emails and more, and our brains get hooked on all that stimuli. We crave more and more new information and it can be difficult to pay attention to any one thing for very long. Conversely, it also makes it difficult to hold anyone’s attention for very long. This creates a significant challenge for marketers, whose entire job is to cut through the noise and meaningfully engage with consumers.

In regard to professional sports times we located the following averages for the duration of the game;

Major League Baseball - 3 hours
National Football League - 3 hours and 12 minutes (an interesting side note; the ball is only in actual play for approximately 11 minutes between replays, commercials, commentary, huddles and time outs).
National Hockey League - 2 hours and 30 minutes
National Basketball Association - between 2 hours and 2 hours and 30 minutes
"Modern" NASCAR Cup Series race - 3 hours

Not calculated into this number is the time it takes a fan or participant to get ready for a drive to and from the event. There is a level of commitment that is given to attend any type of event, drawing in that individuals attention span. It's something we need to keep in mind.

Our show times should be between 2 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours. We all recognize that sometimes this is impossible, but we should be able to provide the ticketing buying customer a way to accomplish this with creative scheduling.

In today’s over-saturated digital world, marketers need smart strategies for making the most of the eight second attention span. This requires including images and visual storytelling tactics that will capture and hold attention before something else does. In fact, this phenomenon has a name -- the “picture superiority effect,” whereby concepts presented with visuals or pictures are better learned and more easily and frequently recalled than those without. That's why including an image with your social media posts delivers 180 percent more engagement or 150 percent more retweets. Words alone only have 10 percent recall, but adding a visual element increases retention of the content to 65 percent.

We have borrowed an infographic created by Wyzowl that provides several points of interesting information in regard to what can be done to grab the attention of potential customers.
Young enthusiastic fans at a race, where their attention span has not been lost.
Ray and Sue Marler accept the 45th Annual Auto Racing Promoter of the Year Award at the 48th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops at the Plaza Resort & Spa in 2021. RPM along with help from Lucas Oil and Speedway Motorsports will crown the 46th Annual Auto Racing Promoter of the Year on Monday, February 14 at the Plaza Resort & Spa.

Something New for the 46th Auto Racing Promoter of the Year. In addition to the trophy, accolades and the traditional watch brought to the winner of the prestigious award by Hoosier Tire, K & K Insurance, Lucas Oil Products and Speedway Motorsports Incorporated, the winner will receive a first, a custom diecast replicating their accomplishments. The design is done by ZAS Designs of Western New York with the Custom Wrap coming from Mancuso Designs of Buffalo, New York. The photographs above depict the conceptual design (top) and then in reality with the finished product.
Speed Sport 1, the broadcast Network built by Motorsports...

In early December, SPEED SPORT, Turn 3 Media, a leader in motorsports media founded in 1934, and Rivet, Inc., a pioneer in motorsports live streaming and video production technology, have established “SPEED SPORT 1.

” This new joint venture builds upon the tremendous success of “SPEED SPORT Network” launched in 2019. SPEED SPORT 1 takes the leading streaming network’s concept to the next level, building on its foundation of maximizing revenue and marketing value for broadcast rights holders while allowing them to maintain control of their audience and content.

Now, in an industry first, SPEED SPORT 1 broadcast rights holders (tracks, sanctioning bodies, promoters and broadcasters) - or “affiliates” - will be given the opportunity to participate in the growth of SPEED SPORT 1 as a whole. Participation will be based on longevity, broadcast performance, content syndication and other parameters to be announced in the coming weeks.

“SPEED SPORT has been a partner to grassroots racing for over 87 years, and today we remain solely committed to supporting the sport. With SPEED SPORT 1, we’ve created a way for our tracks, promoters and broadcasters to have a stake in the entire network we are all working together to build,” said Ralph Sheheen, SPEED SPORT President.

This new structure uniquely incentivizes and rewards its affiliates to develop their broadcast assets and unique brands while also showcasing and promoting their content via the flagship SPEED SPORT 1 digital television channel and the entire SPEED SPORT network of media. Quite simply, SPEED SPORT 1 is the first network that is built by motorsports.

SPEED SPORT Network has proven that its approach is both well-received and enormously successful. In only 2 years, live broadcasts have increased from just over 300 in 2019 to nearly 2000 in 2021, while revenue has increased seven-fold. Each individually-branded channel utilizes the common proprietary technology and the benefits of the marketing horsepower and brand power of SPEED SPORT.

SPEED SPORT 1 is already working with individual rights holders (affiliates) to optimize their structures and to incorporate the stakeholder incentives that will form the backbone of the new network. The network has relied heavily on the guidance of leading track operators, broadcasters, and sanctioning bodies to develop an approach that is competitive, but remains rooted in the industry.

“Our industry is full of entrepreneurial individuals driven by the thrill of competition and the desire to win,” said Chris Graner, founder and CEO of Riivet, Inc. “Becoming a stakeholder in the SPEED SPORT brand is an enormous opportunity, and it properly aligns the entrepreneurial incentives for our broadcasting rights partners to achieve long-term success. Time and time again, we have seen the best broadcasting and marketing outcomes are achieved when the broadcast production and marketing is a motivated stakeholder. We want to push the motivation to the next level.”

SPEED SPORT 1 is positioning for growth. Until now, SPEED SPORT Network has grown steadily - but slowly. SPEED SPORT 1 will pick up the pace by providing the structure for thoughtful, conservative participation by motorsports-driven investors and strategic partners. The initial interest has been overwhelming, and SPEED SPORT 1 is already working with partners and advisors to create the appropriate structure for continued growth, scalability and to be more competitive for higher value and/or complex rights agreements.

“We are already on-boarding new partners and affiliates as this release goes out and making plans to accelerate our training and support programs as well,” said Joe Tripp, CEO of SPEED SPORT. “Our goal is to have the new entity fully staffed and running in our Mooresville, NC headquarters by late Spring, 2022. Additionally, we’ll be announcing our linear television partnerships within the next 3 to 6 months.” T

The new SPEED SPORT 1 channel will launch around the same time across all major connected platforms. Affiliate channels and their subscribers and live events will be unaffected. will continue to operate until SPEED SPORT 1 launches. SPEED SPORT will also continue to showcase its best affiliate content via its prime-time “SPEED SPORT Presents” on MAVTV. For more information, visit or email

For media availability, investment opportunities, or questions, please contact Joe Tripp at


About Turn 3 Media Founded in 2011 by motorsports media veterans Ralph Sheheen and Joe Tripp, Turn 3 Media, LLC is the parent company of SPEED SPORT and Sprint Car and Midget Magazine. With a portfolio of award-winning publications, digital media and television under both the SPEED SPORT and Sprint Car & Midget brands, Turn 3 Media has become a leading motorsports media entity, leading the way in creating and distributing credible, authentic motorsports content and marketing solutions. With its very first publication dating back to 1934, SPEED SPORT celebrates its 87th Anniversary this year. For Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities, visit Follow SPEED SPORT:

About Rivett, Inc. The Riivet platform was founded in 2015 with the goal of elevating the sprouting business of grassroots motorsports video broadcasting into an engine for marketing and promotion. With over 1700 live motorsports broadcasts since 2015 and over 5500 hours of on-demand video, the platform is designed to continuously improve broadcast and marketing efficiency by removing barriers to entry and barriers to execution for motorsports media professionals. Riivet previously operated under the HAMMER.TV and brands and aggregates 50+ production groups into 100+ unique branded deployments. Some of its most well-known clients and brands include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and
RPM ENDORSEMENT; Kami Arnold and Scott Russell who promote Placerville Speedway, the Sprint Car Challenge Tour and the "Hangtown 100" offered the following; "10-out-of-10. This is our 5th Conference and each we learn something new and informative. We also build new relationships and cultivate old ones. We are thankful for RPM giving us the opportunity to grow, improve and develop as Promoters."
Make Your Plans Now to Join us In Daytona Beach; the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops will once again take place on the World's Most Famous Beach returning the to Plaza Spa & Resort on Monday, February 14 and Tuesday, February 15, 2022. Please be advised that the SuperBowl will take place on Sunday, February 13, 2022, the evening before the Workshops open. This occurred last year, but as the National Football League has extended their season by one game, it forces their marquee event to take place one week before the Daytona 500 once again. Room rates will be as follows; Studios/Suites $169.00; Ocean View (Coastal/Ocean Front) $139.00; Standard Room $129.00. The hotel link/code for reservation is as follows; ( -


  • Discounted Rooms Available at the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach -

Daytona Beach, Florida (December 29, 2021) – The 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops will return to the Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach, Florida, February 13th, 14th and 15th.

Registration for the 49^th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops are now open. Registration online can be completed here; 2022 Speedweek Workshops @ Daytona - Formstack ( or the form located here may be filled out and returned to RPM via fax (716.685.0923) or e-mail: ( . This and more information can be found at

The Plaza Resort & Spa, is becoming a familiar destination for RPM attendees and exhibitors will once again place a gracious host to the compelling sessions that will assemble the 49^th Annual Workshop sessions.
A packed agenda stands in front of attendees of the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops at the Plaza Resort & Spa, which will see several new presentations including Chris Dolack, Kendra Jacobs and the featured presentation of John Formica an "Ex Disney Guy", who brings a unique dynamic to the loaded two-days of the Workshops.

If you are looking to make reservations, make them now; the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops take place, Monday, February 14 and Tuesday, February 15th at the Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach, Florida. Rooms can be booked here; (

The 49th Annual RPM Workshops in Reno or Daytona stand as a "can't miss" event for track promoters nationwide.

Daytona Workshop Home: Recently it was announced that the new ownership and management team would be investing $45 million in makeover at the Plaza, home to the RPM@Daytona Workshops, which will now be the home of the RPM@Daytona Workshops for the next three years, beginning with 2023, the 50th Anniversary of the RPM Workshops, along with 2024 and 2025.
MyRacePass is proud to be a part of the RPM Workshops. The RPM Workshops are a great opportunity for promoters to get together, gather insight and learn new items that may help their racing program. MyRacePass would also like to offer discounts to current and potential MyRacePass customers for attending the upcoming RPM Workshops, held on February 14th and 15th, 2022, at the Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The MyRacePass offer for RPM@Daytona:

Any current track or series that uses MyRacePass will be offered a $100 credit to their Race Management for the following billing cycle. Any track or series promoters who sign up within 1 week following the RPM Workshops will receive a $100 credit to their MyRacePass account. Other website discounts will be available as a “RPM Show Only” discount. As a promoter, this is an event you do not want to miss. You must stop at the booth and talk to Kris or Josh to get signed up for the discount.
RPM ENDORSEMENT; Thank you for an exciting show. It was a great help to me and my team. We managed to make a lot of great partners, make a lot of new friends and reconnect with old friends that will help us into the future... Sean Jackson, Salmon Valley Speedway, Salmon Idaho
SPEED SPORT - America’s Motorsports Authority Since 1934

Motorsports media veterans Ralph Sheheen and Joe Tripp acquired National Speed Sport News in 2011, and since then have taken the “SPEED SPORT” name to new heights - carrying on the legacy of the late great Chris Economaki. Today, SPEED SPORT boasts a portfolio of award-winning publications, digital media and television productions and leads the industry in creating and distributing credible, authentic motorsports content and marketing solutions. SPEED SPORT’s live streaming division SPEED SPORT TV, launched in 2019, is the leading live broadcaster of American grassroots racing - with nearly 2000 live events in 2021 across over 100 individual series or channels.

SPEED SPORT is proud to support and serve as an integral part of the 2022 the RPM Workshops at Daytona,and will be on hand to meet personally with promoters to answer their questions and explore solutions to their marketing, broadcasting or other media challenges. Stop by the SPEED SPORT booth
at the RPM Trade Show to meet Ralph, Joe or Chris!

SPEED SPORT celebrates its 88th Anniversary this year. For more information, visit

Photos Below; Ralph Sheheen (lower left) and Joe Tripp (lower right).

Positive News for Paducah...

Paducah International Raceway (PIR) is a 3/8 mile, clay oval track located in
Paducah, KY., was unfortunately shuttered in May of 2018, the track with modern amenities is set to reopen in 2022 as it has been purchased by Adam and Brittany Elliott.

The couple hopes to welcome back the fans of Western Kentucky.

In the past the track has hosted many marquee events. For 2022, the Elliott's have released a robust schedule, including "Dirt" Drags and a DIRTcar Summer Nationals event.

The track, which first opened in 1972 and was operated by numerous ownership groups until it was purchased by NASCAR drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kenny Schrader along with promoter Bob Sargent in 2005. The group was joined by NASCAR driver Tony Stewart in late 2006, who also owned Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, OH and is part owner in Macon Speedway, Macon, IL.

The track’s signature race was the USA World 50, billed as “The World’s Richest 50-Lap Race”. First held in 1978, the race featured Super Late Model racing cars. The race featured drivers from the MARS Racing Series and the UMP Racing Series.

We wish the Elliott's well in their endeavors at Paducah.
An interesting view of Paducah International Raceway in Kentucky on a race night. Adam and Brittany Elliott have taken over the reigns at Paducah and are once again getting the track ready for the 2022 season.
A Midwest invite to a "Speedweeks" Festival for the "Midwest is Best Pary", a return to a traditional "Speedweeks" party; Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at Dimitrie's Bar, Deck & Grill @ 6:30pm..
SPEED SPORT Partners with Racing Promoters Monthly to Live Stream Promoters Workshops, Develop Video Archive
SPEED SPORT, America’s trusted motorsports authority since 1934, has been involved with RPM Workshops for over two decades. As the industry has evolved, it has become increasingly apparent that creating new ways to engage with busy promoters and motorsports market professionals was imperative.

SPEED SPORT TV, a subsidiary of SPEED SPORT, has been working closing with
RPM owner and president Joe Skotnicki for over a year to develop a strategy to implement live streaming of the twice-yearly workshop’s key sessions. These live
streams will be available to all current RPM participants and will be available by
subscription at

“This is a landmark event for the Workshops,” stated Joe Skotnicki, RPM Workshops. “The RPM Workshops are a pillar in our industry, however as we continue to evolve, we have an obligation to the industry to provide the Workshops in all platforms for maximum outreach. Working in unison with Speed Sport to produce this gives the entire industry an opportunity to see the Workshops if they are unable to attend what is truly a can’t miss event.”

In addition to the LIVE streaming workshop broadcasts, RPM will be building an archive of sessions available on demand on its video website. These videos and additional promoter focused RPM content will be available for a reasonable subscription….making it easy for promoters who cannot attend RPM to still get access to the informative lineup of speakers and topics the event always delivers.

“We’re honored to be able to step in and help develop the RPM Workshops,” said Joe Tripp, confounder and CEO of SPEED SPORT. “RPM is a critical “continuing
education” resource for promoters - and with two workshops a year, its pretty easy to get to at least one of them. And while there’s no replacement for in-person interaction and bench racing, the new streaming and VOD service will deliver the best of RPM right to the promoter even if they can’t make a workshop.”


WISSOTA Officials and RPM will be continuing and expanding an already strong relationship. The WISSOTA Promoters Association has long been part of the Workshops as an exhibitor, moving forward that will continue as well an endorsement of the Workshops along with being an engaged associate sponsor.

WISSOTA and RPM share common goals, which is directly helping their race track and series promoters build stronger programs that are beneficial to them in many facets of the business.

The WISSOTA Promoters Association exists to benefit its Member Tracks to enhance safe, profitable and successful dirt track racing, through unified, cost effective rules, policies and procedures, enacted within a democratic environment.
The WISSOTA Promoters Association was founded in 1981 by eight track promoters in Wisconsin and Minnesota and sanctions nearly 50 tracks today.

WISSOTA spans the region of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba. These member tracks present weekly programs that feature one or more WISSOTA division as well as the region’s most-recognized, highest paying and long-standing special events.

The “WISSOTA region” is recognized nationally as a healthy, stable racing region by industry leaders and, as a non-profit organization, all of WISSOTA’s income after operating expenses is paid out to the drivers at the conclusion of each racing season through track and national point funds.

Nearly 2,700 drivers were licensed for competition at member tracks.
The WISSOTA 100 has become an iconic short track event. In 2021 it took place at I-94 Speedway in Fergus Falls, Minnesota

Dan Robinson, Former ARPY Lands on his Feet...

X.CELERATED announces motorsports veteran Dan Robinson as new Chief Operating Officer.

As XR grows exponentially in 2022 with the creation of the XR Super Series for Super Late Models, Robinson will step into the role of COO, overseeing and managing XR Events. Robinson brings a breadth of knowledge to XR, with more than 20 years of experience in motorsports and racing events management.

“Adding a talent the level of Dan Robinson is extremely rare and very fortunate for our company,” said X.CELERATED & XR Events CEO Barry Braun. “This hire will legitimize the growth of XR and the XR Super Series now and into the future.”

Most recently the Vice President of Motorsports Operations at Lucas Oil Products, Inc. Robinson is uniquely qualified to take on this new role at XR during the company’s time of expansion. Robinson has previously managed everything from sponsorships to marketing, human resources to finances. He will wear many different hats at XR, all of which will fit him perfectly.

“After meeting with Barry Braun and learning more about the history of XR and especially his vision for the company moving forward, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to join a forward-thinking, family-oriented organization that cares first and foremost about the racers and the fans,” said Robinson. “Based on what I’ve seen this past season and the feedback I’ve already received from drivers and their teams across the country, XR and especially the XR Super Series is poised to be a game-changer in the world of short track motorsports. My family and I couldn’t be prouder to join the team at XR.”

During his time with Lucas Oil Products, Robinson managed operations with the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series, the Lucas Oil Pulling League, the Lucas Oil Midwest Late Model Racing Association and Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Mo., where he earned the Auto Racing Promoter of the Year Award for his efforts. He was the General Manager of Lucas Oil Speedway from 2009 to 2018 before the expansion of his responsibilities with Lucas Oil.

Robinson has facilitated success in whatever role he’s assumed during his career. He now has the chance to head up a brand-new series in a unique opportunity with XR.

“Getting in on the ground floor of the XR Super Series has me extremely excited,” Robinson said. “I can’t wait to see what this can grow into, and I want to help make this series really special. I’m ready to get started.”

The XR Super Series is a new and fully sanctioned schedule of Super Late Model events at iconic dirt racing venues across the United States. The goal of the XRSS is to complement existing racing schedules with additional opportunities and to reward independent drivers and teams who choose to race these events. Every XRSS feature will pay $25,000-to-win or more.

Robinson officially started his new role with XR on January 3, 2022.
Dan Robinson, former Auto Racing Promoter of the Year, at the podium at the RPM@Reno Western Workshops. (Dan McGee, RPM File Photo).
RPM Market Place;

Our friends at have agreed to help us with our RPM Market Place project. Visit the included link to identify with some track materials;
Miscellaneous/Other, Tracks/Real Estate for sale on RacingJunk ( -

We will continue our quest as in past issues, that we are willing to help people find what they are looking for or place classified ads for equipment or real estate that anyone may want to sell. Please feel free to contact us in regard to publishing;

Our TraxPix section starts off with photos of our past. Often it is okay to look back on the past and see where we've come from. Like many, we honor some legends of the past. Top-to-bottom, working through photos left-to-right when next to one another; Dick Trickle scoring a win at New Smyrna Speedway; Trickle strapping into New England Modified Car Owner and racing legend, Joe Brady's Modified; Junior Hanley hustles a modified around New Smyrna. The obligatory Richie Evans photo from New Smyrna. Geoff Bodine may have had the scariest crash in the history of Daytona International Speedway during a Friday afternoon NASCAR Truck Series race, 'Speedweeks' 2000.

We did not want to leave our friends at Volusia Speedway Park out; "The King" of the Outlaws at Volusia, Steve Kinser. The World of Outlaw Sprint Cars are always a popular draw; Scott Bloomquist has always been a popular draw at the Volusia County speed plant dating back to when Dicky Murphy hosted the Late Models. One driver not attending 'Speedweeks' this year will be Brett Hearn. Hearn, who has always been a popular driver amongst the center steer Big Block Modified ranks has taken on the role of promoter at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, N.Y., and remains focused on his duties there. The DIRTcar UMP Modifieds will run for the "Gator" Championship. Here David Stremme wheels one of his Lethal Chassis, below the "High Side Tickler" Kyle Strickler. (Nicknames for racers will be a future RPM Newsletter Topic). A Mickey Thompson Super Truck leaves the Los Angeles Coliseum in a jump, while road racing around the downtown campus of the University of Southern California, where the
Los Angeles Coliseum is located took place for three years in the later 1990's into the early 2000's and finally, the NASCAR Cup Series rolls to the track in the "hyped" Clash, that took place at the Los Angeles Coliseum.
Contracts, Proof Reading and Rights...

Who is proof reading your contracts? Are you? Are you making sure every base is covered. Proof reading and having an expert (typically legal counsel) proof read and help build your contract is solid legal advice. We speak from previous experience.
Proofreading is incredibly important? Proofreading is essential. Proofreading can also define what can be gained (or lost) based on whether written work is adequately proofread.

It is the last chance to find and fix errors before a document is presented to readers or for execution. Proofreading eliminates mistakes in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, formatting and potential contractual changes that are unintended.

Final copy proofreading lets our audience focus on our message, not our mistakes (Editor's Note: We miss many things and completely understand this message). Overlooked errors can be distracting and take away from the message.

Writing should aim to inform and even to fascinate, but never to frustrate.

Proper proofread documents with proper presentation enhances authority and protects reputations. Text riddled with errors can quickly bring credibility questioning. Having well-written content will boost authority and protect the reputation of the author.

Ensuring proper punctuation ensures the proper message. Punctuation has the power to change the meaning of sentence which can alter the meaning of your document.

Interestingly, proofreading, while time consuming can potentially save money. Errors in documents that have meaning can prove costly. Everyone of us deal with documents that affect expense and income, so there should be a greater awareness to this.

Proper documents also will help in instances of closing a sponsorship deal or landing a job or a contract. Influential decision makers want to see and work with the best, so this is always a consideration as they review documents to help make their decisions.

While we may not think in this regard, proofreading has an impact in every area of our life. Professionals, Medical Fields, Students at every level, Translators, Content Creators. The need for proper proofreading is everywhere. It can even affect earning potential.

Listed below are just a few examples of critical items that we use every day that require proper proofreading;

  • website copy
  • proposals
  • reports
  • product descriptions
  • user manuals
  • letters
  • emails
  • memos
  • brochures
  • social media posts

While we may have become sidetracked with the everyday need to proofreading, it is imperative that you your contracts proofread. Yourself, outside sources and legal counsel all provide strong resources for proofreading.

Remember, if you are proofreading a document which you created, it is always positive to have another set of eyes on that document. There is a good chance, that you will see the document differently than someone else, which changes the intent or omits verbiage that is required to create the right document.

When it comes to legal counsel. Proofreading in their regard enables a document to be created that is free of misunderstandings and misinterpretations, covering all of the details which becomes incredibly important if there is a dispute, especially in the form of payment. The day of the "handshake" deal has fallen by the wayside in most instances.

Proofreading is like vehicle maintenance and similar to the famous words of those now gone Purolator Filter commercials, "You can pay me now, or pay me later..." Finding time to proofread or contracting someone to do the job for you is something we can no longer do without.

It has always been a part of life, often overlooked due to time restraints, but vital in all lines of our written communication. If it wasn't for Joe Tripp at Speed Sport, stating, "I wonder how many people even proofread their contracts", this article would not have appeared. That's how easy it is to overlook this important step in our process.

Rights, Who Owns Them? Do We Have Any? All Great Questions...

Broadcasting & Media Rights in Sport

As we all examine "streaming" our products, many of us do not look into the legal perception of the "rights" to the sport and on track production that produces what it is turned into the streaming content.

Advances in communications technologies have revolutionized broadcast sports coverage and enabled billions of people around the world to take part in the spectacle and excitement of major sporting events.

Copyright and related rights, particularly those relating to broadcasting organizations, underpin the relationship between sport and television and other media. Television and media organizations pay money for the exclusive right to broadcast top sporting events live.

For some sports organizations, the sale of broadcasting and media rights is now a major source of revenue, generating the funds needed to finance major sporting events, refurbish stadiums, tracks and arenas, contributing to the development of sport at grassroots level. The royalties that broadcasters earn from selling their exclusive footage to other media outlets enable them to invest in the costly organizational and technical infrastructure involved in broadcasting sports events to millions of fans all over the world.

Broadcasters' rights:

  • safeguard costly investments in televising sporting events
  • recognize and reward the entrepreneurial efforts of broadcasting organizations
  • recognize and reward their contribution to diffusion of information and culture

Under the International Convention for the Protection of Performers, Producers of Phonograms and Broadcasting Organizations (Rome Convetnion) of 1961, broadcasters have exclusive rights for 20 years to authorize rebroadcasting, “fixation” (recording), reproduction and communication to the public of their broadcasts. However, there is wide agreement that the protection of broadcasters’ rights needs updating to accommodate the digital communications revolution. Ongoing negotiations at WIPO aim to create an international legal framework that adequately and efficiently protects against the piracy of broadcast signals.

Competitive sport has become a global billion-dollar industry due in large part to intellectual property rights and ever closer cooperation between the media, sponsors and sports authorities. However, more sophisticated communications technologies, accessible to a wide public, have not only enabled fans to follow live sports wherever they may be, but have opened new possibilities for signal theft. Live sports broadcasts have been a particular target for unauthorized retransmission on the internet. Streaming with fees (subscription or event based) has eliminated some of those challenges, but many social media platforms provide easy access to piracy.

Signal piracy not only threatens the advertising and sales revenues of the broadcasters that have paid for exclusive rights to show live coverage of sports events, but also risks reducing the value of those rights and hence the revenues of sports organizations. While national laws provide various options for tackling signal piracy, including shutting down illegal websites, broadcasting organizations have pressed for better legal protection at international level. At the same time, broadcasters and sports organizations are using digital media to reach out to and engage their audiences, especially younger viewers, by offering sports coverage in a variety of formats.
Looking at Social Media Rights;
Who Owns the Photos and Videos You and Your events Posted on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

Well, it depends on what you mean by “own.” Under copyright law, unless there is an agreement to the contrary or the photograph or video is shot as part of your job, a copyright to a photograph generally belongs to the creator. As the copyright owner, you own the exclusive rights to display, copy, use, produce, distribute and perform your creation as you see fit and approve. As the subject of the photograph, you have a right to publicity, which allows you to get paid for the commercial use of your name, likeness or voice.

But what happens when you decide to post that picture on the Internet — perhaps on Facebook or Twitter (using Twitpic), or some other social network or photo-sharing site?

You may be shocked to learn once you post on these sites, although you still “own” the photograph you grant the social media sites a license to use your photograph anyway they see fit for free AND you grant them the right to let others use you picture as well. This means that not only can Twitter, Twitpic and Facebook make money from the photograph or video (otherwise, a copyright violation), but these sites are making commercial gain by licensing these images, which contains the likeness of the person in the photo or video (otherwise, a violation of their “rights of publicity”). This is the exact reason "watermarks" or different identifying factors are placed in many photos, to prevent the reuse of them.


Under Facebook’s current terms (which can change at anytime), by posting your pictures and videos you grant Facebook “a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any [IP] content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (“IP License”). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others and they have not deleted it. Beware of the words “transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license.” This means that Facebook can license your content to others for free without obtaining any other approval from you! You should be aware that once your photos or videos are shared on Facebook it could be impossible to delete them from Facebook, even if you delete the content or cancel your account (the content still remains on Facebook servers and they can keep backups)! So, although you may be able to withdraw your consent to the use of photos on Facebook, you should also keep in
mind that if you share your photos and videos with Facebook applications, those applications may have their own terms and conditions regarding how they use your creation! You should read the fine print to make sure you are not agreeing to something that you don’t want to have happen.


Twitter’s photo sharing service, Twitpic, continues to update their terms of Service(which, of course, can and will be updated at any time). By uploading content using Twitpic, you are giving “Twitpic permission to use or distribute your content on or affiliated sites.” You are also granting “Twitpic a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform the Content in connection with the Service and Twitpic’s (and its successors’ and affiliates’) business, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Service (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels.”

The terms go on to state that you also grant “each user of the Service a non-exclusive license to access your Content through the Service, and to use, reproduce, distribute, display and perform such Content as permitted through the functionality of the Service and under these Terms of Service. The above licenses granted by you in media Content you submit to the Service terminate within a commercially reasonable time after you remove or delete your media from the Service provided that any sub-license by Twitpic to use, reproduce or distribute the Content prior to such termination may be perpetual and irrevocable.”

First, there is no definition of “Service” on their site (they need to find a more detailed oriented internet attorney to draft their terms), so your photo could be used throughout the Internet. More troubling is that your photos and videos may be reprinted and used in anything without your getting paid a dime. Books, magazines, movies, TV shows, billboards — you get the picture!

Second, Twitter can create derivative works from your creations. A derivative work is anything that is built upon your work (like adding your video to a TV show, putting your photo in a montage, etc.).

Third, even after you delete your photos from Twitpic, Twitter and Twitpic can still use your creations for a “reasonable” amount of time afterwards. So what would be a reasonable amount of time to continue using your photo after you terminate the “license” if your photo or video is incorporated by Twitter or Twitpic in a larger work? Perhaps forever if it would cost them money to remove!

Lastly, since Twitter/Twitpic can grant others to use your photos (and make money from it without paying you; remember the nasty word “royalty-free”), even if you terminate your Twitter/Twitpic account, the rights they grant to others can never be terminated! Twitter has a deal with World Entertainment News Network permitting them to sell Twitpic content with no money to you.

Celebrities and celebrities-to-be, beware! Your right to publicity (e.g. your right to get paid when others use your name, likeness, or voice for commercial gain like product or sports endorsements) is stripped away each and every time you post on Twitter! You or your intellectual property attorneys should read the fine print before you post your photos or videos on Twitter or Facebook.


Well Facebook was at it again (changing their terms of service for their latest acquisition, Instagram). The proposed changes are to take place on January 16, 2013. Basically, Instagram had a brilliant idea to generate money off the backs of their members. The proposed terms of service explicitly state “To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata), and/or actions you take, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you. If you are under the age of eighteen (18), or under any other applicable age of majority, you represent that at least one of your parents or legal guardians has also agreed to this provision (and the use of your name, likeness, username, and/or photos (along with any associated metadata)) on your behalf.”

This means that Instagram can make money from advertisers that want to use your face or pictures of your loved ones on any advertising (TV, web, magazines, newspapers, etc.) and never pay you a penny. If you are under 18 (which means you don’t have the legal capacity to enter into a contract) you are making a contractual agreement that you have asked your parents permission to agree to the Instagram terms. This not only is an egregious position (see discussion above about rights of publicity) but defies logic — Instagram acknowledges that minors can’t enter into a contract, but nevertheless for the under-18 force them to agree by (unenforceable) contract that they have permission anyway.

Instagram announced that it was backing off of its proposed T&C’s to be able to sell content without paying the members. But a closer look of their replacement terms of use are; “Instagram does not claim ownership of any Content that you post on or through the Service. Instead, you hereby grant to Instagram a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use the Content that you post on or through the Service, subject to the Service’s Privacy Policy. . .” This means that Instagram can still sublicense your photos to any company for a fee (without paying the member! For instance, let’s say a posted photo is of a celebrity. Instagram then licenses that picture to an advertiser. But then the advertiser gets sued by the celebrity for violation of their right of privacy (who in turn sues Instagram). You the poster would have to indemnify Instagram because in section 4(iii) of the terms, “(iii) you agree to pay for all royalties, fees, and
any other monies owed by reason of Content you post on or through the Service.” Bottom line – Instagram still gets to sell your pictures without paying you and you can be liable in the event they have to return that money to the advertiser.

  • These links and notes will be here as long as this remains a relevant topic providing folks with an easy location for reference -

There was a press to create the proper “toolbox” of documents to give tracks the opportunity to return to racing safely. Several individuals and organizations worked diligently to create the right “playbook” and all were successful in creating programs that could lead a track in the proper direction to follow all set requirements and provide the opportunity to reopen.

We have included links and documents to provide our readers access to as many as we could find, however, this is a constantly evolving process so new information and updated “better” documents could be edited and issued in lieu of what we have to offer, however we will do our best to keep you up to speed with the most relevant information we can. We intend to keep these documents available for as long as they will be required throughout the duration of the pandemic.

Directly from the CDC;

DIRTcar has issued a COVID-19 Resource Center ( which provides a 10-step Return to Racing Process. Along with the 10-step process, DIRTcar offers an Executive Summary ( ; Participant Only Operations (; Spectator Operations (; and Participant Exhibit/Template ( which is an easy to follow event template.

In addition DIRTcar issued Participant ( and Spectator ( Guidelines.

DIRTcar officials have encouraged weekly tracks to utilize and customize the templates to meet the track managements local needs. In addition you can e-mail DIRTcar officials with questions in regard to the information they provided, which also opens a great channel for valuable dialogue that could create additional help for all.

Performance Racing Industry (PRI) offers an incredible resource center from the business perspective of the sport ( that covers Federal Business aid. Worldwide updates from sanctioning bodies and series as well state-by-state information from SEMA in regard to how each state defines “essential business” for the auto industry. In addition PRI took time to link each of the Governments agencies that carry pertinent information in regard to the pandemic. PRI also provides the following; (

Through PRI's parent company SEMA there has been a Coronavirus resources page created referencing Federal Aid for Small Business, Show Status, State-by-State breakdowns, of many different items. You can find that here;

AMA Racing has released the Safe to Race program;;; and - all information is geared toward motocross and ATV type racing, but also helps to maintain a consistent message throughout the motorsports industry.

The Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada has published their public health plan for reopening, which we thought would be an interesting document for reference;

The United States Motorsports Association has offered their own version of the "toolkit" as well including a guideline for members of the media;

Additional Links that may provide helpful information and resources; (

The RPM Workshops COVID – 19 Operational Procedures and Regulations:

1670 Sports & Entertainment, through its operating business outlets, the Race of Champions Modified Series and the Racing Promotion Monthly (RPM) Newsletter and Workshops will operate under any and all Federal, State, County and Local community guidelines in regard to the current regulations and restrictions as it relates to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

It is our intent to focus on the correct health measures while limiting the risk of exposure to the potential contraction of the virus.

Due to the nature of our business, it is challenging to know the whereabouts of all attendees, however, we will participate in healthy activities to detect any individuals who may have the virus, handle them in an appropriate way as determined by local and onsite officials, as well as the proper protocol of contact tracing as a follow up to the situation.

Employee Procedures for Safe Function and Safety:

  1. Employee e-mail, in detail, in regard to the protocol of the event in regard to the procedures at the event location.

  2. Upon arrival to work, temperature and self-check, noted and signed on employee sheet. (Any employee with a fever or feeling ill will be sent home immediately and will be instructed not to return to work for a minimum of 14-days and a doctor’s release).

  3. Safety briefing to address any and all issues in regard to safe and healthy operation of the day.

  4. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) evaluation, new equipment supplied if inadequate or replacement required.

  5. All employees required to wear masks.

  6. Practice social distancing and only interact with participants or attendees only when absolutely required.

  7. Random personal temperature checks through the day.

  8. The amount of officials at the event will meet the minimum amount of officials to conduct the event safely and fairly, covering all aspects of officiating the event in its entirety.

  9. All employees have been instructed on the importance of the “contactless” points of purchase, automated draws and contactless redraws.

  10. Virtual driver meetings, video recorded and posted on social media outlets to prevent congregation.

Competitor / Participant / Attendee Regulations:

  1. Random temperature checking on entry.

  2. Masks required when working within 6’ (feet) of other individuals. Drivers will not be required to wear a mask when they have their helmet on.

  3. Intermingling and visiting other teams will not be permitted.

  4. Signage to let Competitors / Participants know event regulations on entry, including – Social Distancing, Facility Rules and all safe practices (hand sanitizer, hand sanitizing station locations, avoiding congregation, medic location, etc… distancing and facility rules regarding safe practices. These include avoiding groups, wearing a face covering/mask at all times, use of hand sanitizer stations, etc.

Other Regulation and Guidelines for successful event practices:

  1. Follow all event facility guidelines and regulations as provided by management of facility.

  2. Hand sanitizers at critical areas; entrances, concessions/novelties, restrooms, driver registration areas, also plexiglass shielding where applicable.

  3. Social distancing signage and marking, regulated at ticketing, concession and restroom areas.

  4. All vendors and exhibitors must have sanitizing stations at their displays and work areas as well wear masks, per the regulations and practice social distancing.

  5. Utilize security (track and hotel) to assist in activating the practice of social distancing.

  6. Additional activities and/or “events within the events” will practice strictly by the policies as provided.

  7. Seating in any location must be spaced properly to observe social distancing policies, allowing groups to sit together, leaving room between the next individual and group. (Rows of seating may be removed and or labeled to prevent anyone sitting in the seats.)

  8. Consolidate all promotional activities, use virtual autographs and minimize victory lane, opening and other award ceremonies.

  9. Promote and utilize “contactless” points of purchase and do not use cash. Restrict cash handling.

  10. Reach out to local hospitals and health care professionals (if facility hasn’t) and prepare to offer “onsite” testing if necessary for the conduct of the event.

These policies simply mean, we will align with the Caesar's Entertainment, Eldorado and all "The Row" policies in regard to the pandemic in order to host and present a safe and successful Workshops environment.

5107 ITHACA LANE, SARASOTA, FL 34243 941-780-1972 Producer of monster truck shows for race tracks

414 MAIN ST., MANDAN, ND 58554 888-457-4637 Simes Graphic is full-service art studio that services short track racing. They design and print all types of brochures, posters, promotional materials.

1906 CLINTON ST, BUFFALO, NY, 14206 Your one stop source for printing, graphics, design & promotional materials for the racing industry.

817 DELAWARE, INDEPENDENCE, MO 64050, 816-718-2231 FAX: 866-365-2231 Wholesale distributor of racing souvenirs, imprinted promotional items, apparel, and track supplies. Serving short track racing since 2008.

509 CLARENCE ST., TOMBALL-HOUSTON, TX 77375 281-440-0044 Professional audio production. Radio spots, TV ads, Tracks Trax race track audio CDs. Great creative, fast service, reasonable prices.

6200 GRAND POINTE DR., GRAND BLANC, MI 48349 810-606-3655 Circle track crate engines. Engine, chassis and other racing/high-performance accessories available at your local GM dealer. For information, contact Bill Martens.

1712 MAGNAVOX WAY, PO BOX 2338, FT. WAYNE, IN 46801-2338 800-348-1839

#101-5800 EXPLORER DRIVE, MISSISSAUGA, ON, L4W 5K9, 800-753-2632 The industry’s largest provider of racing insurance. More than 60 years of underwriting and risk management experience. Motorsport’s most experienced in-house claims staff. International service capability.

125 W. LAKE, STE 200, WAYZATA, MN 55391, 952-467-6111 Jones Birdsong Motorsports offers the widest range of products designed to protect motorsports associations, facilities, teams, and special events.

1365 WAMPANOAG TRAIL, EAST PROVIDENCE, RI 02915, 401-433-4000 Motorsports insurance programs for race tracks, teams, sanctioning groups, and drivers since 1947. Programs available in all 50 states.

14033 ILLINOIS ROAD, SUITE A, FORT WAYNE, IN 46814, 855-969-0305 Sports Insurance Specialists offers a complete motorsports portfolio of participant and spectator insurance. A proven industry leader. “Let’s kick some rIsk.”

302 N. SHERIDAN ST., CORONA, CA 92880,800-342-2512 Nationally known manufacturer and marketer of lubricants and additives for fleets and automobiles, owner Lucas Oil (MO) Speedway, sponsor of drag racing, pulling, motocross, off-road racing, ASCS, MLRA Series, the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.

W 6250 PIONEER RD., FOND DU LAC, WISC. 54936, 920-924-0833 One of the most recognized names in the production of marine engines, equipment, oils and lubricants has adapted their lubricants for successful solutions in multiple applications including motorsports.

PO BOX 1226, LINWOOD, PA 19061 800-722-3427 The largest refiner of racing gasoline. National distribution of quality brands. SUNOCO, Turbo Blue, and Trick.

204 EAST RHAPSODY DR., SAN ANTONIO, TX 78216, 210-635-7744 VP Racing Fuels is known as the world leader in racing fuel technology and the official fuel of 60 plus series.

142 F SOUTH CARDIGAN WAY, MOORESVILLE, N.C. 28117 704-790-0136 Media provider, formerly National Speed Sport Newss owned by Chris Economaki, Speed Sport has become a multifaceted media company offering publicity platforms for all forms of motorsports in addition to providing a full streaming service led by Chris Graner and Rivet.

27081 ALISO CREEK RD., STE 150 ALISO VIEJO, CA. 92656 949-499-5413 Since it's inception in 1986, Performance Racing Industry (PRI) has served the motorsports as key source for trends, merchandising, new products, business strategies and more. PRI is also the developer of the world's premier auto racing trade show, held each December in Indianapolis, Indiana.

7168 WEDDINGTON RD., UNIT 144, CONCORD, N.C. 28027 704-534-01610 Formerly Speed51, purchased by the Race Track Alliance, Racing America continues to provide short track America with coverage as well as streaming and content on Speed51.TV

515 J Street, Ste C, Eureka, CA 95501 877-476-0570 Electronic credit card processing for tracks, distributors, suppliers and all businesses related to auto racing.

1906 CLINTON STREET, BUFFALO, NY 14206 716-821-1880 Your one stop source for printing, graphics, design and promotional materials for the all of your print house needs.

65465 STATE ROUTE 931, LAKEVILLE, IN 46536 574-784-3152 Complete line of custom-manufactured spec racing tires for oval tracks, drag racing and road racing. The only company exclusively manufacturing racing tires.

1545 WASHINGTON ST., INDIANA, PA 15701,800-662-2168 Race tires forged in the highlands of Western Pennsylvania for racing around the world.

872 MAIN ST. SW, UNIT D2, GAINESVILLE, GA 30501, 866-301-7223 Raceceiver one-way radios and race communications.

12 NOB RD., PLAINVILLE, CT 86062, 860-573-8821 Racing Electronics Authorized Dealer with a focus on successful communication plan for competitors, officials, track and series applications.

1800 WEST D STREET, VINTON, IA 52349 319-472-2201 The nation’s oldest, largest, and leading sanctioning body. We focus on affordable divisions to assist the profitability of our sanctioned facilities and events.

ONE DAYTONA BLVD., DAYTONA BEACH, FL 32114, 386-310-6272 The NASCAR Home Tracks Program offers sanctioning opportunities for weekly racing and touring series events across North America and Europe.

24707 CTY. RD. 75, ST. AUGUSTA, MN 56301 320-251-1360 A member-driven sanction in the Upper Midwest featuring eight divisions of race cars: Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mod Fours, Pure Stocks and Hornets. As a member of WISSOTA, you vote on policies and rules and help guide YOUR organization. Click on Promoter Center at ** (

810 Royal Parkway, Nashville, TN 37214 402-620-6645 Romeo Entertainment Group is a full-service entertainment agency providing expertise, support and services in ALL key areas essential to the successful execution of any event. We have been the most trusted name for talent buying for fairs, festivals, clubs, casinos, corporate and rodeo events for more than 65 years.

Rana Ventures, LLC 2549 WAUKEGAN ROAD #782 DEERFIELD, ILL 60015 713-320-0809 specializes in electronic ticketing of events. Easy setup along with the sale of automated ticketing machines.

PIT PAY APP, 7168 WEDDINGTON RD., SUITE 148, CONCORD, N.C. 28027 Pit Pay™? is the only Mobile Pit Pass app for the motorsports industry. Pit Pay, is committed to providing you with a simple, hassle-free experience in the app and at the track.

1321 DAVIS ST. SW., CANTON, OHIO 44706 330-754-3364 Trackside has been refined to provide seamless event management, marketing and ticketing that makes events better for event organizers.

2030 POWERS FERRY RD SE, STE.110, ATLANTA, GA 30339 678-816-4000 MyLaps offers the best in class sports timing systems to measure, publish, and analyze race and participant results for all sports and specifically auto racing.

872 MAIN ST. SW, UNIT D2, GAINESVILLE, GA 30501 866-301-7223 Raceceiver race communications. Raceceiver race management timing and scoring system.

7400 W. 132 ND ST., SUITE 260, OVERLAND PARK, KS 66213, 913-253-1210 Vortex Insurance offers weather insurance policies to mitigate the financial risk adverse weather presents in business.

500 NORTH ESTRELLA PARKWAY, GOODYEAR, AX 85338 304-481-2464 - E-Mail: Firethorn Marketing offers develops incredibly easy to manage and fully responsive websites.

PO BOX 81666, LINCOLN, NE 68501 402-302-2464 MyRacePass is a leader in the software development in motorsports specializing in a Race Management System, Website Development, Online Ticket Sales and Apparel Design.
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