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RPM Daytona 2024

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A FEW THINGS (#A few Things)
TRAXXPIX (#Traxpixx)

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51st Annual RPM@Reno Western Workshops, will take place November 28, 29 and 30, 2023. For Reno, PLEASE NOTE - We are moving in Reno to the Silver Legacy as part of the "The Row". The rooms at the Silver Legacy were remodeled in 2020, booking details will be released in the June edition of the RPM Newsletter. We will remain at the Shores Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida for the 51st Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops on February 11, 12 and 13. Booking details for the Shores will also be available in the June Edition of the RPM Newsletter.
51st Annual RPM@Reno Western Workshops and RPM@Daytona Workshops begin to Take Shape

The 51st Annual RPM@Reno Western Workshops are beginning to take shape as speakers and presentations continue to be added to the agenda, which will be released at the end of September. Registrations will be available for all parties beginning October 1, 2023 but that doesn't mean you should stop planning your travel itinerary to help bolster your business. That is our goal with the RPM Workshops, to help you increase your bottom line, which is the most important part of business for all of us. We are working on updating everything so please stay tuned, we are looking forward to a successful 51st Annual RPM Workshops season that is approaching all too quickly.

Time to Book Your Trip to the 51st Annual RPM@Reno Western and RPM@Daytona Venues

As we continue to move forward this season, things on the short track level are looking good.

Crowds and cars are positive and the panic that seemed to consume "off-season" discussions has become quieter. There remains a lot of work to be done, no different than any of us face as we continue to build the 51st Annual RPM Workshops as well as running through the bulk of our racing schedule. The work seemingly never ends.

The long grinds, the tireless effort without fanfare, we all face it. Make sure you attend the 51st Annual RPM Workshops and make arrangements to stay with us at the Silver Legacy in Reno, Nevada or the Shores Spa & Resort in Daytona Beach, Florirda.

Some folks have already called and there are airfare breaks, with more expected in regard to Reno. Please note the correct dates for the 51st Annual RPM@Reno Western Workshops are Tuesday, November 28; Wednesday, November 29 and Thursday, November 30. Early bird airfare breaks were being offered by Southwest Airlines.

The 51st Annual RPM@Daytona will take place at the Shores Resort and Plaza in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida on February 11, 12 and 13.

Booking information for Reno is available at this link; The group code is SRRPM23; (Room Reservations begin at $55.00 per night).

The link of the 51st RPM@Daytona Workshops is here. Book now for accommodations as many of the sessions last year were "Standing Room Only" for one of the most exciting meetings in years; (Room Reservations begin at $195 per night).

Current speakers for the 51st Annual RPM@Reno Western Workshops already include Sean Foster (promoter at the Waterford Speedbowl); Renee Dupuis (Monaco Modified Series) and Megan Hazel (World Racing Group) among others.

The 51st Annual RPM Workshops are certain to be exciting and educational experiences.
Potentially the most popular engine in modern short track racing history, the Chevrolet Performance "602" engine.

Why "Crates" can be Great!

"Crate" engines have been a hot topic for many years, positives and negatives have certainly been a part of the conversation. There are many sides to the "great crate debate" however, there is no question that crate engines have truly helped the sport.

There is a point where crate racing has change and we have questions in regard to this. It is the permission to allow crate engine changes from the point of original purchase (new) to the time they are introduced into competition. In recent years that has driven the cost of a new engine skyward of a minimum of 30% and much higher in some instances.

We understand that there are situations and applications that do require change. An oil pan replacement to be able to fit the engine in the car is one that is quite common, however other changes seem to be questionable.

Of course racers are going to want to make whatever they have perform at an optimal level and so will engine builders. If it is your goal to maintain costs to the best of your ability than we would suggest using the "crate" engines as they come out of the "crate".

Doing this will create opinions, which you will hear, but it will also keep the costs down because the "crate" engine doesn't go from the "crate" manufacturer to the "engine builder". If you apply logic to this it should be like an oxymoron. We recognize that by saying this some folks may roll their eyes or worse.

There are points that can be made for other directions, but to maintain the most economical package is to not allow changes that cost competitors money. We have recently started a division that is intended to create an experience platform for new asphalt modified racers utilizing the 602 type engines. The only permissible change to the 602 engine is the oil pan with a resealing system.

In three years, albeit with limited engines exposed in the program, we have only experienced one issue in the engine department.

The challenge we all face is participation and the threat of low car counts, so many of us make changes that we struggle with and they can never be retracted.

Tom Curley, former Auto-Racing Promoter of the Year, who passed away utilized one engine through one engine builder when he owned the ACT Series. The program kept things in check for competitors by presenting a leval playing field through an engine builder who had no reason to build any engine differently for any single participant.

From a competition standpoint that created several positives. Of course there was an inspection and verification process on the engines, however the inspectors could focus much harder on other things during the inspection process which helped to make the cars even tighter in regard to the rulebook and competition.

IMCA utilizes both the 602 in their Northern and Southern Sportmod program as well the 604 in their IMCA Modified program.

It is an interesting perspective to examine if you are serious about maintaining a level and cost-effective crate program. Many of us deal with crate engines on a constant basis.

Chevrolet Performance has sponsored RPM and is the leader in crate engines and is willing to talk to anyone in regard to the importance of crate engines and their place in short track racing. Look them up in the directory of services for more information.

From top-to-bottom; "Crate" Late Models are one of the most popular forms of asphalt racing in the country. IMCA has allowed the Chevrolet Performance "604" in their staple Modified division with great success. ACT Late Models put crate engines through their paces. An IMCA Sportsman with a Chevrolet Performance "602" engine ready to go. DIRTcar Sportsman have utilized the "602" engine to help bolster car counts for many years. The engines are permitted to have repairs. A Chevrolet Performance "602" crate Sprint Car engine fully dressed and ready to go.
24 Event Promotion Ideas That Drive Results

Today’s event landscape is getting pretty crowded, especially as an increasing number of events (live and virtual) pop onto the calendar. The result? More events, like yours, competing for people’s time and attention –– after all, they don’t call it "the attention economy” for nothing.

Effective event marketing can make or break your success when it comes to capturing that attention and getting people to register for –– and ultimately attend –– your event. So, how can you get your target audience to choose your event over others?

Read on for some advice on how to make sure your event stands out to potential registrants. Plus, get a list of 24 event promotion ideas you can start testing today.
How to promote an event like a pro

Event promotion and marketing is all about using smart strategies –– and getting a little creative –– to pique audience interest and drive event registrations (including ticket sales). It’s essential because no one will even think to show up to your event if you don’t let your audience know it’s happening.

Driving registrations and attendance begins with having a firm grasp on your event’s goals and target audience.
Get to know your target audience

Well over 60% of customers say they expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. If you’re out of touch with your audience’s wants, needs, and motivations, getting them to pay attention to your event will be a true uphill battle. So, start by conducting in-depth research on the attendees you’re seeking to attract.

Consider using free online tools and resources, like Google Trends, AnswerThePublic and Pew Research Center, to help you collect some vital information on your target audience, such as:

  • Demographics and psychographics
  • Top influencers and media outlets
  • Popular interest areas and topics
  • Marketing channel preferences
  • Shared values and motivators
  • Key need states or challenges
  • Online behaviors and habits

An in-depth understanding of your audience can help you determine what marketing channels, promotional tactics, and messaging will set you up to successfully reach, engage, and convert potential attendees.

It can also indicate how well your event promotions will resonate with potential attendees and inspire how you’ll communicate with them about the value your event will deliver.

Document your key audience information in your event brief and use the same resource to help you tackle another crucial task: nailing down your event marketing goals and objectives.
Set your marketing goals and success metrics

As you're researching your audience, you'll also want to outline the specific your event marketing activities are set to achieve. To start, ask yourself how you’ll measure your event's return on investment (ROI).

For example, let’s say your event needs to attract 100 new prospective clients to produce a positive ROI. And based on past experience, you know that for every three registrants, you’ll net about one new potential customer. A bit of quick math suggests your event marketing efforts will need to drive 300 event registrations.

Understanding your end goal in addition to your audience will help you determine the event promotion strategy you’ll use to hit — or, better yet, exceed — your registration, attendance, and other measurable targets.

You’ll also net out with some insight into the cash required to make your event marketing magic happen. Put it all in your event budget so you have a consistent handle on what’s possible and how much you’ve spent to date.
24 Event Promotion Ideas

Ready to test out some event promotion tactics? Mix and match these 24 ideas to attract your target audience and meet your event marketing goals –– with any budget, on any timeline.

  1. Create a stand-out event website

An event website is more of a “need to have” than a “nice to have” in 2022. After all, it’s open 24 hours a day and it serves as the landing page for most, if not all, of your event promotions.

So, think of your website as the front door to your event and use it as a home base for all your key information. Begin with the most important details first, then the rest of the information can follow. At a minimum, consider including these elements:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Description
  • Agenda
  • Speakers
  • Sponsors

And remember, first impressions count. In fact, studies show that you have only a fraction of a second to convince website visitors to stay on a page. So while your event website should be an information powerhouse, it should also be a place that conveys your event's value proposition and captures your audience's attention.

Consider these tips to immerse potential attendees in an optimal event website experience:

  • Focus on design: Design the site to entice your audience, using photos, videos, and eye-catching event branding. You can incorporate different branding materials like logos, brand colors, and other graphics to stay consistent throughout your marketing efforts.
  • Implement clear calls to action (CTAs): Strategically place CTAs in highly visible areas across your website to make registering for your event a seamless and simple process. You might want to test CTA placement, copy, and even button color to see what drives results.
  • Include sharing functionality: Include social media and email sharing buttons so your future attendees can easily help you spread the word.
  • Optimize for search engines: You’ll attract more visitors to your website if you optimize it to play well with search engines.
  1. Offer early bird registration

Incentivize your audience to take action early. Early bird registration is a period of time when people can sign up to attend your next show before ticket prices increase. It sometimes launches during an existing live event or shortly thereafter.

Consider tapping into that good ol’ fear of missing out by including a countdown on your registration page that indicates how many days, hours, or minutes are left to take advantage of the discounted early bird ticket price.

Time-bound ticketing strategies can help you increase event registration.

People also tend to place a higher value on things when they're in limited supply –– remember the great international brief paper shortage of 2020? That’s why scarcity is particularly powerful. So, similarly to time-bound discounts, offering a limited number of tickets can compel prospective attendees to purchase quickly before the opportunity is gone.

Alternatively, your audience might be motivated by social currency (or others’ perception of a person’s influence and success). For many people building special currency means finding ways to shed a positive public light on themselves and signaling they’re “in the know” to those around them.

This dynamic can open doors to effective event promotions. Consider the way you’d feel if you snagged exclusive tickets to an event or scored a VIP experience. Would you brag about it to your friends?

Think about tapping into that kind of experience with add-ons like:

  • Premium swag bags
  • VIP networking lounges
  • Special access to event content
  • Celebrity or speaker meet-and-greets
  • Invite-only wine, coffee, or gourmet food tastings
  • Exclusive access to private workshops or activities

The novelty and prestige of exclusivity-based promotions not only help compel people to register. They can also be priced at a premium to generate additional ticket sales and revenue streams for your event.
3. Consider free event marketplaces

Want to help a fresh set of attendees find your event? Try listing it on free event marketplaces where people look to find out about new and upcoming events.

These marketplaces are an event marketer’s dream because people who are in the market to attend an experience can actively search these platforms for future events they’re interested in. Hopin Explore, for example, is an integrated event marketplace and a one-stop shop for organizers who want to give their event an extra promotional boost.
4. Employ personalized email marketing

Email marketing is an efficient and inexpensive way to promote your event. But it comes with a caveat: Your emails have to cut through the noise to grab recipients' attention. So, avoid sending out generic, or one-size-fits-all, email communications.

Instead, opt for a more individualized approach. Nearly 80% of people say they’re more likely to make a purchase if they get a personalized experience. Beyond that, most marketers say personalization is essential to email marketing success.

Maximize your success by:

  • Segmenting your databases to identify people who have shared characteristics
  • Tailoring email messaging to recipients’ needs and interests
  • Customizing calls-to-action (CTAs) based on email engagement metrics
  • Creating relevant subject lines based on popular topics or past attendance
  • A/B testing subject lines, content, and CTAs, then optimizing based on results

You can even get your colleagues in on the email action to give your promotions an added boost. Ask your coworkers to send personal emails to their customers, prospects, partners, or other people in their networks. And, provide your team with the link to your event website, so they can add it to their email signature lines.
5. Hail content as event marketing’s king

Have you diligently researched a product or service before making a purchase? If so, you aren’t alone –– over 50% of buyers do the same.

Help tip the scales in your favor by giving your audience a taste of the event experience that awaits them. And use compelling content as the vehicle to bring your story to life.

Think of “content” as an umbrella term covering videos, webinars, editorial, podcasts, white papers, social media posts, case studies, and more. It’s a long list.

So, how can event professionals use content to drive registrations and attendance? High-quality content often involves a significant amount of work, but consider these possibilities to lighten the load:

  • Partner with brands and creators who can contribute valuable content.
  • Tap into subject matter experts and content creators within your organization.
  • Share testimonials and stories from past event attendees and partners.
  • Repurpose existing content from previous events.

Repurposing content alleviates the pressure of spinning up something new every time. Instead, you can take what you already have and reshape it for different uses.
6. Partner up on event promotion

You know the old saying: You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. Get a promotional boost by taking a symbiotic approach to marketing your event. Seek to join forces with sponsors, speakers, and other event partners to expand your overall audience reach.

Wondering how to get your partners involved in your event promotion? Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Invite speakers or sponsors to author guest blog posts that give potential attendees a glimpse into all they can learn at your event and give them yet another reason to register.
  • Provide speakers, partners, sponsors, and attendees pre-written email templates and content so it’s easy for them to share event promotions with their audiences.
  • Send engaging social media posts and visual assets promoting the event to your key partners to post and share with their online networks. Not only will they stand to benefit from the pre-event publicity, but they’ll also get a head start on engaging with your shared event community.
  1. Host pre-event webinars and podcasts

Nearly 40% of business-to-business buyers prefer webinars for researching purchases, and in 2022, a projected 424.2 million people will listen to podcasts worldwide. So, use the target audience’s quest for knowledge to your advantage by hosting webinars and podcasts centered around your event.

Not quite sure what to talk about? Touch on topics related to your event’s pillars. Invite guests, answer questions, and leave your audience eager to learn more. Speaking of, don’t forget to plug your event in your podcast or webinars. And, be sure to provide your viewing or listening audiences’ with details around your event and how they can easily register to attend.

Webinars and podcasts can help you speak to a larger potential pool of attendees. But to make an even bigger splash, set your sights on the media.
8. Score attention from the press

Readers and journalists value the trustworthiness of a press release and engaging, newsworthy ones command the most attention.

Craft a press release (or, better yet, lean on your public relations team to help) and include links to your event website. Then, use your press release to pitch targeted members of the press by highlighting stories with unique, evergreen, and timely angles aligned with different media outlets’ topics and reader bases.

For more tips about how to garner press coverage for your event, check out trade and local papers. Looking for some additional support? Check out am agency marketplace or consider hiring a freelance PR consultant to get some expert help promoting and publicizing your event.
9. Lean into free ticket donations

Contemplate donating tickets to a non-profit organization or association to increase awareness of your event. While you’re spreading the love, your event will reap the benefits because today’s audiences admire brands aligned with their social values and causes.

Take it a step further by fundraising for a good cause during your live event. This paints your event in a flattering light because charitable giving affects nearly three-quarters 73% of consumers’ spending decisions.

  1. Speak out to today’s event audiences

Want to build more hype? Then, aim to be visible (or audible). Tap partners and people within your organization to speak at other events with audiences similar to the one you’re looking to attract.

Advise your speakers to build their presentations around a thought leadership-led topic that’s tangentially related to your event. After they’ve wowed the audience by dropping knowledge bombs, they can end their presentation by inviting potential attendees to learn more by registering for your upcoming event.
11. Design eye-catching event infographics

Since people retain 80% of what they see, design infographics to market your event in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.

While people can typically process an image in 13 milliseconds, the average person reads approximately 240 words per minute. So, infographics are a great way to present the key event information you want your audience to remember and share.

Nearly two-thirds ( of consumers want companies to connect with them on social media. With that in mind, post infographics on social channels to help gain traction.
12. Use an #eventhashtag on social media

How else can you snag a little social media traction for your event? Provide your community with an event hashtag so they can keep up on the latest event news and conversation. Include your hashtag in the promotional content you share online to build anticipation and enthusiasm for your event.

Using an event hashtag also provides your community with a way to stay connected while sharing user generated content (UGC). This not only tightens bonds within your community. The resulting UGC and word-of-mouth marketing can also help attract more potential attendees and, in turn, increase ticket sales and registrations.

Keep the social conversations going by including your hashtag in the posts you share pre-, during, and post-event. And make it easy for your event community to continue interacting on social channels using one familiar, easy-to-remember hashtag. Just make sure your chosen hashtag hasn’t already been used for something else.
13. Use video to tease your event

Remember how people retain 80% of what they see? Well, beyond that, 88% of people say a brand’s video has convinced them to make a purchase. Go beyond creating infographics with videos, motion-graphics, and short-form filmed testimonials to share on social media channels.

For example, behind-the-scenes, sneak-peek videos give the event audience a glimpse into the valuable experience awaiting them. Not only does video build enthusiasm, it also increases the likelihood of social sharing because it follows the maxim: “Show. Don’t tell.” Plus, many social media algorithms reportedly tend to favor video content.

Consider co-promoting your promotional videos with sponsors, speakers, and potential influencers on social media to reach a larger audience.
14. Live stream your event content

An impressive 80% of people would rather watch a company’s livestream than read its blog. It makes sense — they’re synchronously getting the most up-to-date and exciting scoop on an upcoming event. Plus, they can share their excitement with others in real time.

Live streaming your event to social media channels can help you score some last-minute registrations. Plus, you can repurpose the stream for additional marketing activities after the event is over. And getting more eyes on your social media feed helps grow your event community.
15. Invite influencers to help promote your event

By teaming up with influencers, you can seize the marketing moment — and their sway — to drive interest in attending your event.

Seven out of ten marketers think influencer marketing reaches the right audience better than other marketing tactics. Why? Because influencers come with pre-existing genuine relationships with their audience.

Keep in mind that influencers typically charge a fee for their services. So, start by checking your event budget to make sure you have the funds you’ll need.

Start by selecting an influencer who aligns with the event’s mission and has built a strong following with the event audience you hope to attract. Then, seek to collaborate with an influencer to promote your event on social media, email, and other marketing channels.

  1. Turn registrants into event ambassadors

Loyal community members already value your brand and are excited to attend your event. So why not let these folks help give your event promotion a boost?

Consider creating a referral program to incentivize loyal members of your audience to tout your event.

To get started, create shareable event marketing content that’s likely to resonate with your audience and then let your brand ambassadors do the rest. Don’t forget to provide them with referral codes so you can track how many new registrations result from their referrals. Then, think of some ways to express your gratitude to your event’s top evangelists like:

  • Awarding them with VIP status
  • Sending them exclusive event swag
  • Sharing their user-generated content
  • Discounting their registration fees and/or ticket upgrades
  1. Run irresistibly fun social media contests

Games and friendly competition are often hard to resist (Wordle, anyone?). So, running social media contests and giveaways can inject an element of fun and playfulness into your event promotions.

  • Start a motivating social media challenge.
  • Partner with event sponsors to host a themed giveaway.
  • Create a game that incentivizes attendees to interact to score pre-event swag
  • Incentivize your audience to share ideas around a certain theme with a chance to win prizes (or have their idea featured)

Games and contests can also creatively nudge your event community to spread the word on social media.
18. Amplify the buzz with social advertising

Want to give your event a boost? Consider investing in paid advertising on social media platforms. While this event promotion idea comes with hard costs, it can be highly effective.

Make sure you understand how to target your audience so you’re getting the most bang for your buck. One tactic is to create look-a-like audiences based on your past events. This can help you reach new-but-similar audiences who are likely to be interested in your upcoming experience.

Additionally, think back to your audience research to determine which social media platform your audience prefers. That way, you’ll allocate your spend where it makes the most sense, and your social media promotions will run where similar online event communities can easily see them.
19. Stay top of mind with retargeting

Develop a safety net that catches potential registrants who might have slipped through the cracks for one reason or another. Search engine marketing (SEM) and social media retargeting are a few ways to keep your event top of mind and prompt ongoing consideration to attend.

Craft your ad copy, visuals, and CTAs so your retargeting efforts create a relevant experience for your potential registrants. Since retargeting is all about reaching people who have already interacted with your brand, your ads will be conveniently positioned where your audience hangs out online. And, your event promotions will continue to make cameos reminding people to register soon.
20. Orchestrate a celebrity surprise

How often do you listen to others’ stories of their brushes with famous people? Use the human inclination toward name dropping to your advantage. Celebrities, musicians, authors, and admired industry thought leaders are an irresistible way to attract event registrants.

That’s why Groupon is adding a dash of celebrity to its experiential marketing efforts by partnering with Rob Gronkowski to host a Super Bowl viewing party at Gronkowski’s mansion. Or consider the Wildlife Conversation Network inviting revered primatologist, Jane Goodall, to speak at their event.

Hinting at surprise celebrity appearances can pique audience curiosity and drive them to register for your event.
21. Offer pre-event gifts and experiences

Remember, you're not promising to simply host an event. Rather, you’re promoting an exceptional experience to your target audience.

Tangible gifts and experiences help build relationships with potential attendees because providing them with something thoughtful encourages reciprocity. It’s a pretty powerful way to tempt people to register.

Select items and experiences that will complement your event’s theme and provide value in your audience’s day-to-day life. Let’s look at some creative ways to employ this event promotion:

  • Partner with sponsors for a co-branded and memorable giveaway.
  • Mail or virtually deliver swag that elevates your message.
  • Promise at-event raffles to intensify registrants’ anticipation of the event.
  • Treat attendees to virtual experiences like yoga, mixology, and cooking classes.

Aiming to offer value and delight at every touchpoint will have attendees eagerly recommending the event to everyone they think would benefit.
22. Inspire delight with direct mail

Have potential VIP or high-value attendees in mind? Make a strong first impression by sending a personalized experience in the mail (yes, we’re talking about snail mail) that promotes the event and prompts registrations.

Many marketers say that, while mailing print invitations does dip into the budget, campaigns using integrated direct mail tend to have a higher ROI than those without it.

How can you get the most potential for your postage? Send something that improves your VIPs’ quality of life instead of postcards that are immediately tossed in the recycling bin. For instance, frequent travelers may appreciate branded travel pillows, while remote workers might welcome a candle to burn while they take a break.
23. Secure sponsored slots in relevant newsletters

Look to expand your event registrations by securing a spot in a sponsored newsletter or email blast. This extends your reach by tapping into industry publications’ and media outlets' email lists.

It’s important to note, however, that this event marketing tactic almost always comes with a price tag. So, be sure to understand a potential paid partner’s email audience and make sure it aligns with your target audience.

As for newsletter content, look no further than your existing event website, email copy, editorial content, and visual assets. By repurposing what you’ve already created to market your event, you’ll save time and money while getting your event into new inboxes.
24. Hire an event marketing agency

Event organizers can save time and stress by hiring an event marketing agency to support from start to finish. If budget and time allow, tap into the expertise of a specialized agency to guide (and execute) your event promotion.

Interested in taking this approach? Look to find an agency that specializes in event marketing and promotion. Or, try searching Hopin’s agency marketplace to find a great promotional partner. Then, you can focus on event planning and management while they focus on marketing your show.
Enlist event technology to support your marketing efforts

Keep track of what promotional tactics work best as you work to reach your event goals. Then, optimize your approach based on your experience.

And if you want to take your event marketing to the next level, explore how an event platform can get you there. Learn more about Hopin’s integrated event marketing suite for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.
The Performance Racing Industry Trade Show -
December 7 - 9, 2023 - Indianapolis, Indiana
Drag Racing has had a rash of closures in the last few years. 2023 has been devastating for the sport with Atco Dragway in New Jersey becoming one of the tracks to close.
Atco Dragway Closes it Doors after 60 years in business

After more than 60 years in business, Atco Dragway has closed permanently. The location may reopen to the public — but not as a raceway.

  • Atco Dragway in Camden County, N.J. abruptly announced that it was closing for good on July 18, 2023 after being in operation for more than 60 years.
  • No official reason for the closure has been announced.
  • Reports suggest the owners are redeveloping the land into an auction facility.

After first opening in Camden County, N.J. in 1960, Atco Dragway has announced that it's closed for good. The news that the race track would be closing came as a surprise to many, in part because the announcement seemed to be incredibly abrupt.

Naturally, those who have spent time at the track were incredibly curious both what happened and whether any official explanation has been offered as to why it suddenly closed its doors after more than 60 years in business.
What happened to Atco Dragway, formerly called Atco Raceway?

The announcement that Atco was closing was made in a post on Facebook that was published on July 18, 2023.

“Atco Dragway is permanently closed. We will not be open from this point on. The remainder of our schedule for 2023 will be canceled,” the announcement stated. “Thank you all for your patronage and memories over the years."

The same announcement was made on Instagram, and comments on both posts were disabled.

Atco was the first dragway in New Jersey, and had been in business for more than 60 years. The abrupt announcement that it was closing didn't come with any sort of explanation. It seems like those responsible for the post may have wanted to avoid any questions about how the track arrived at this fate.

For the track's many regular fans, though, there was likely some confusion as to why the track closed.
Why did Atco close?

While no official explanation has been offered as to why the track closed its doors. Reporting suggests that in 2020, news broke that an Illinois company submitted an application to the New Jersey Pinelands Commission because they wanted to redevelop the land that the track sits on.

According to the application, the paved sections of the site would be used for automobile auctions, and that application was co-signed by Leonard Capone Jr., the owner of the dragway.

Although no comments have been made confirming this, it seems possible that the sale went through, and both parties are eager to begin the work required to rebuild the site as an auction facility. The announcement that the track closed was certainly quite abrupt, but it may not have been a surprise to anyone who knew about the potential sale.
Fans are getting wistful about the raceway's closure.

Comments may have been closed on the official announcements that the track was closing, but users weighed in in other places following the news that the track would close.

“Live 5 minutes from there, grew up as kid at the track, at least they went out with a bang, they raced well past their curfew this past Saturday night,” one person wrote on Facebook.

Atco's statement concluded with a thank you to those who participated in the track's most recent, and now last, event, before thanking all those who had worked a the track. “To all of our staff, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sticking it out with us and being the best in the business!”

Heartland Park has Hosted its Last Event in Topeka

Heartland Motorsports Park (Heartland) will host the last and final NHRA National Event in Topeka, Kansas on August 11th-13th, 2023. Regretfully, this is the end of NHRA National Events in Topeka. Shawnee County is succeeding in taxing Heartland out of business with their excessive land valuation and property taxes.

The first NHRA National Event took place in Topeka, Kansas in 1989 and Heartland is home to some of the greatest world records set in professional drag racing.

Thirty-four years ago, Topeka’s National Event immediately became one of the premier events in the State of Kansas as well as in the heartland of the nation. The event draws fans, racers, support crew and families, and vendors from all over North America. Though the Park is only open to the public about 80 days a year, Heartland has grown its events to collectively draw hundreds of thousands of people annually to Topeka and the state of Kansas.

Shelby Development LLC, property owner, is of the opinion the loss of Topeka’s National Event is a direct result of Shawnee County’s continued efforts to tax Heartland out of business, which has devalued Shelby’s property to an ongoing liability with no commercial value. For years, the Shawnee County Appraiser has gone the extra mile, in Shelby’s opinion, to overvalue Heartland’s property to almost four times its actual value. This process results then in an almost $1,500 per day property tax liability. It remains Shelby’s opinion that Shawnee County hides behind statements like, “Shelby did not file property tax appeals,” but that begs the fundamental question, “Why doesn’t the County Commission require the Appraiser to follow the clear duties under the law in the appraisal process”?

Years ago, Shelby exercised what it believed to be a more viable and necessary option by filing an eleven-count lawsuit against the County Appraiser, including allegations of fraud. The County Appraiser has manipulated third party appraisers to provide appraisal results that are “made as instructed”, has withheld documents and legitimate appraisals.

Shawnee County’s actions have caused Shelby’s property to devalue to almost nothing from the burden of such mountainous taxes. In Shelby’s opinion and to add insult to injury, the County’s efforts to damage Heartland and Shelby are even more painful with the witnessing of the County giving away land for free adjacent to Heartland and offering no property tax burden for decades to large corporations.

Heartland and Shelby has always agreed taxes should be paid, but not at 400% of market value. Shawnee County is well aware Heartland has never been self stainable, even without any tax liability, so to tax the property almost $500,000 annually is seen by Shelby as blatant action to close Heartland.

Shelby is extremely thankful for its partnership with the NHRA and its many sponsors. Heartland is grateful to the racers, their support crew, the enormous fan base and countless vendors who have supported Heartland and this NHRA National Event for decades.

Let’s make the last NHRA National Event in Topeka Kansas a lasting and special event for the ages. Be there to bid a fond farewell to NHRA and all the professional racers, such as the legendary John Force, who has competed in most every Topeka National Event.

Good News for Midwest Heartland NHRA Fans with New Track Opening

NHRA officials announced on Friday that the new Flying H Dragstrip in the Kansas City area will be part of the upcoming NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series national event schedule in 2024.

NHRA officials and Heartland Motorsports Park also jointly announced that the final event at the facility will take place on Aug. 11-13 with the Menards NHRA Nationals presented by PetArmor. Home to NHRA national events since 1989, Heartland Motorsports Park will be closing its doors due to its ongoing tax and land dispute with Shawnee County.

“We have a rich history at Heartland Motorsports Park and we want to thank Chris Payne and his team for many years supporting NHRA drag racing,” NHRA President Glen Cromwell said. “But as one door closes, another opens and we are looking forward to the great opportunity of racing in the Kansas City area at a brand new facility. Scott Higgs and his team are building a fantastic new track at Flying H Dragstrip and we are excited to have our first event there in 2024 and create a wealth of new memories in the area.”

“We are extremely thankful for our longtime partnership with the NHRA and its racers, as well as all the fans who have visited Heartland Motorsports Park over the years,” Heartland Motorsports Park Owner Chris Payne said. “Because of the actions by Shawnee County, unfortunately this will be the last national event at Heartland Motorsports Park. We look forward to completing the 2023 season as well.”

Located in Odessa, Mo., just outside of Kansas City, Flying H Dragstrip broke ground on its new facility in May, with the construction process expected to be completed in October. It joined the NHRA Member Track Network at that time and upon completion this year, the quarter-mile Flying H Dragstrip, which is located at I-70 Motorsports Park, will offer top-tier amenities and be a premier dragstrip in the Kansas City area.

Higgs purchased the property in March of 2023 with plans to add the dragstrip to I-70 Motorsports Park. Following the recent groundbreaking on the quarter-mile Flying H Dragstrip, Higgs and his team, which includes Vice President Blake Housley, have worked hard to have the track ready open this year and ready for a NHRA National Event during the 2024 season.

“We are truly excited to bring NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series action to our track in 2024,” Higgs said. “Everyone at Flying H Dragstrip was thrilled to join the NHRA Member Track Network earlier this year and to have a National Event during our first full year of operation is going to be incredible. We’ve been dedicated to building a great facility with great people and a strong family environment. It’s been a lot of work, but our team is committed to building a top-notch facility at Flying H Dragstrip and making it a memorable weekend for the race teams, fans and partners.”

As this chapter of drag racing history ends in Topeka, the NHRA and Topeka track officials invite racers and fans to be part of the last Menards NHRA Nationals presented by PetArmor.

With tracks closing like Englishtown, N.J., a few years ago, Bandimere in Colorado earlier this year, Wild Horse in Chandler, Arizona and now Atco and Heartland Park, drag racing has taken a severe hit in the track department of premier facilities closing from coast-to-coast. We certainly hope this trend does not continue.
Top-to-Bottom; Atco Dragway in New Jersey has closed its doors. Atco once was closed during the COVID pandemic for hosting an event that violated attendance and regulations as set forth during those strenuous times. Heartland Park in Topeka. A show place for the Heartland region of Midwest motorsports action will now be closed.
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All of the folks that were in attendance at the 49th Annual RPM@Daytona Workshops will receive access to the archived "stream" of the Workshops. We know we are behind in this aspect, however, if you set up an account and send us an e-mail, we will be able to grant you access to the Workshops video that was streamed in Daytona.

The LIVE streaming of the Workshops will continue. These videos and additional promoter focused RPM content will be available for a reasonable subscription, making it easy for promoters who cannot attend RPM to still get access to the informative lineup of speakers and topics the event always delivers.RPMWORKSHOPTV (#RPMWORKSHOPTV)

Several exciting changes are coming to the rapidly approaching 2023 edition of the Speedway Motors, held at the I-94 emr Speedway in Fergus Falls, Minnesota on September 13th-16th.

The first change racers will note is that valuable WISSOTA national points will be offered for ALL FOUR nights of this year’s 100, a change from previous seasons. In prior years, national points have been offered for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night portions of the 100, but this year, national points will be offered on Saturday night as well, giving drivers four big nights to earn national points during 100 weekend. WISSOTA Board member Nikki Elton said ‘over the last several years, many drivers have asked that we tweak the point structure for the 100 so that drivers who qualify for the Saturday feature on Wednesday have another opportunity to earn national points, so the board decided to give points on Saturday night as well, to hopefully peak the interest of a few more national point chasers and allow the supporters of the 100 to earn several nights worth of points during the weekend.’

The WISSOTA Midwest Modified division will see a higher paying championship night feature payout as well in 2023. The Midwest Modifieds have consistently provided the highest car count of any division at the 100, including over 90 entries last year, so the decision was made to add increased monies to the Saturday night payout throughout the field, pushing the start money to $300 just to take the green flag in the Saturday night feature event.

Also, additional monies have been added to the qualifying features in all divisions each of the preliminary nights, paying more money than ever before on qualifying nights for the 100.

And, as a reminder, the final night of the 2023 Structural Buildings WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series will be held on Wednesday night, September 13th during the opening night of the Speedway Motors WISSOTA 100 and the 2023 series champion will be crowned that night as well.

Many exciting changes are taking place for the 2023 WISSOTA 100 and beyond and we look forward to a huge event this September.
Good News for Duck River; Duck River to Host HTF Series-Sanctioned "Historic" Gobbler

Duck River Raceway Park Becomes New Home of the Historic Gobbler Event with $10,000-to-win Super Late Model Show Set for Nov. 18

Hunt the Front Super Dirt Series to Sanction 35th Annual Gobbler as Non-Points Race

Duck River Raceway Park and Hunt the Front are partnering to keep one of Dirt Late Model racing’s longest-running late-season special events alive.

Despite the race losing its host track with the closure of Boyd’s Speedway earlier this year, the 34-year tradition of the Gobbler being held during the Thanksgiving holiday season each November will continue in 2023 with Duck River’s quarter-mile oval set to host the 35th running of the event on Saturday, Nov. 18.

Sanctioned by the Hunt the Front Super Dirt Series as a non-points race, the Gobbler will pay $10,000 to the winner and will be streamed live on Hunt the Front TV. Full event details including support divisions will be announced soon.

Started at Cleveland Speedway in Cleveland, Tenn., in 1989, the Gobbler quickly became a fixture on the Dirt Late Model schedule each year while drawing top drivers to Cleveland from all over the Southeast and beyond until the track closed in 2016. Boyd’s Speedway in Ringgold, Ga., continued the event’s legacy as its host from 2016 through 2022.

Former winners of the event include legendary racers such as Ronnie Johnson, Clint Smith, and Don O’Neal, plus an impressive list of modern superstars that includes Jonathan Davenport, Brandon Overton, Chris Madden, and Shane Clanton. Reigning event winner Dale McDowell is the race’s all-time winningest driver with five victories.

The non-points sanctioning will see Hunt the Front Series staff and officials directing the Super Late Model portion of the event, including race directing, technical inspection, and scoring. Additionally, two series provisionals will be included in the feature starting field and will be awarded based on the final 2023 points standings for the HTF tour, which wraps up Oct. 7.

The Gobbler becomes the third HTF Series held event at Duck River during the tour’s inaugural season. Wil Herrington of Hawkinsville, Ga., earned $7,500 for winning the first series race at the track on July 2, while Mike Marlar of Winfield, Tenn., claimed a $20,000 HTF victory during the Deep Fried 75 on Aug. 5.

Duck River Raceway Park promoter Chelsea Riddle has become an "RPM Believer".

IMCA.TV Streaming Coverage Expands to include Prelude to the 40th annual Super Nationals - Record Number of Entries for Super Nationals 1,022

Viewers from across the nation and around the globe will again be able to watch the biggest and best dirt track racing event of the season from the comfort of their own living room or race shop. The 2023 Super Nationals bolster a record number of entries of 1,022.

IMCA.TV broadcasts both the Sept. 3-4 Wild Rose Casino Prelude and the 40^th annual IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s Sept. 5-10 from Boone Speedway.

Along with lap-by-lap coverage of both events, the IMCA.TV broadcast will include exclusive driver interviews and additional drone footage.

New this year will be a daily pre-race show broadcast live on Facebook from the NAPA Fan Zone.

“As this event has gotten bigger and better, so has the IMCA.TV broadcast,” noted IMCA President Brett Root. “Watching the Prelude and Super Nationals on IMCA.TV is the next best thing to being at Boone Speedway.”

Package cost for all eight nights of the Prelude and Super Nationals is $154.99, a $100 savings from nightly charges over the week and which includes 30-day replay access.

The two-night Prelude package, which includes both Mod Lite Super Nationals programs, is available for $49.99.

Nightly prices are $29.99 each night Sept. 3-8; $34.99 for Sept 9; and $39.99 for championship night Saturday, Sept. 10.

Both Prelude broadcasts are scheduled to start at 4 p.m. The first green flag flies each day of Super Nationals at 2 p.m.
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Recently TNT Speedway located in Northern Wisconsin Listed

"It is with great sadness that we share this link and announce the track is for sale or lease. Current circumstances, prior commitments and work loads do not allow us to dedicate the time and effort into bringing our dreams for TNT Speedway to fruition," this was posted and taken from the tracks Facebook page.

The track was previously sold in 2021 via auction. Zabel-Ackerman in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin is handling the listing. Various record may be found on the facility.
TNT Speedway in Three Lakes, Wisconsin on race night.
Historic Friendship Motor Speedway is now available for sale

This 40.84+/- Acre property features a 3/8 Mile Oval Dirt over Asphalt Track, Multiple Concession Stands, 9 Vender Booths, Restroom Facilities that have all been recently updated in 2021. In addition to recent updates, the owners have installed new Whelen Track Safety Lights, New Scoreboard, New Westhold Timing & Scoring Loop System, Updated Concession Stand Equipment, New 8'X12' Platform Scales. The grandstand has seating for 4000 people, 97 Trackside Tailgating Spots. Additional fill dirt is being delivered, compacted and seeded by January 1, 2023.

More information can be found here;
Stateline Speedway in Busti, NY for Sale

77 acre property, with a ranch home, in addition to the stock car track is a gokart track. The facility, in the Southern Tier of New York is very near the Pennsylvania border, with pride and upkeep being a focus on the facility, this track is ready for the right owners.

More information can be found here; 4150 Kortwright Rd, Jamestown, NY 14701 | MLS #R1453778 | Zillow ( -
Greenville-Pickens Speedway in South Carolina is listed for Sale

The historic Greenville-Pickens Speedway in Easley, just west of Greenville, was recently listed on a real estate website.

According to the listing from RealtyLink, a real estate development company, ground lease or “built to suit” opportunities are available for the 305-acre property at 3800 Calhoun Memorial Highway.

Starting as a dirt track in 1940, the Greenville-Pickens Speedway hosted the first-ever, start-to-finish live-televised NASCAR race in 1971 after being paved in 1970.

The race track also holds events like the Upstate Holiday Lights Show and the Upper SC State fair.

More information can be found here; Properties - Realty Link ( ( (
Top-to-bottom; Former ARPY Charlie Cathell celebrated his birthday at his US 13 Dragway in Delaware by taking a pass.
Concession item that everyone could serve with a strong profit. The "Walking Taco". In it's simplest format it is a bag of crushed Doritos, Taco meat, lettuce, tomato, taco sauce and sour cream. (The photo shows it with chives, beans, etc...). Simple to make and a crowd pleaser.

Visting the 47th Annual Auto-Racing Promoter of the Year: We made a quick trip "out east" to visit with "ARPY 47" Lyle DeVore on a night where he had a rescheduled event from earlier in the season. Albany-Saratoga Speedway is tucked away in one of the most scenic parts of the state of New York. The facility is just south of the Adirondacks, barely to the west of Saratoga Lake, a short drive to Saratoga Springs or even the state capital city of Albany, which makes DeVore's accomplishments even more remarkable. The pits were full with over 140 cars and we noted DeVore's unique fuel container and appropriate signage. Albany-Saratoga Speedway is as historic of a speedway in the sport as they come, even hosting NASCAR Grand National races in the 1960's. DeVore's battle with cancer continues and we hope that he is ultimately victorious in the war that he is waging against it.
Somethings are incredibly difficult to write, but we also made the trip to Albany-Saratoga to pay tribute to Don Davies (riding alongside his wife JoAnn on the golf cart). Davies passed away recently after a battle with cancer. Both Davies have had a great influence on how we do things ourselves. Their passion for the sport is unrivaled and Don was always a man of sound of advice and thoughtfulness. He looked after a lot more than any of us ever knew or would be willing to recognize. We have missed his presence for quite some time as he battled the disease. Our thoughts, prayers and sincere condolences remain with JoAnn, her son Brian and all of Don's family and friends. JoAnn will continue to contribute to our efforts with her expert editing skills.

Recently Ohsweken Speedway, owned by Glenn Styres in Central Ontario-Canada,hosted the NASCAR Pinty's Series on his 1/2-mile ultra-modern dirt facility. Styres, who goes all out when he promotes an event brought in NASCAR Truck Series and all around dirt racing star, Stewart Friesen and Ken Schrader. Schrader found his way to victory lane at the young age of 63 and after a congratulatory text said, "Thank you, I'm just trying to keep from having to get a real job..." We could all learn a thing or two from that statement.
Our final two photos include a line up for the "Summer Nationals" at Ransomville Speedway in the Niagara Region of New York. The method behind the photo is for big shows we should always try to have a special pre-race ceremony, but don't wear it out, change it up every now and then. Perhaps how you stage the cars or how you present colors and the anthem. It's just a thought to keep things fresh. This particular pre-race was great and it happened in front of a very nice crowd. Our final photo is not one of a race track, but an idea that many of us look past. A few years ago at World Finals at the dirt track at Charlotte Motor Speedway, announcer Shane Andrews had fans "light up" their cell phones during a four-wide moment. At a recent concert we were able to capture a moment and thought we should do this more often as a send off or a photograph moment before a race is about to go green. It's a great way to keep fans engaged in the event.

A sincere RPM "Thank You" goes out to the following group of exhibiting companies who helped make the 50th Annual RPM Workshops at the Shores Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach Shores a truly special edition of our annual East Coast gathering;

Hoosier Racing Tire (Lakeville, Indiana);
K&K Insurance (Fort Wayne, Indiana);`
Chevrolet Performance Parts (Grande Blanc, Michigan);
TicketSpice (Sacremento, California);```
MyRacePass (Lincoln, Nebraska);
Firethorn Marketing (Goodyear, Arizona);
Speed Sport / Speed Sport TV / Turn 3 Media (Mooresville, North Carolina);
IMCA Racing (Boone, Iowa)
NASCAR (Daytona Beach, Florida);
Race Track Wholesale (Independence, Missouri);
Pit Pay (Charlotte, North Carolina);
Simes Graphic Design (Mandan, N.D.);
RACEceiver (Gainesville, Georgia);
MyLaps Timing & Scoring (AMB) (Atlanta, Georgia);
Sports Insurance Specialties (Fort Wayne, Indiana);
Jones Birdsong (Chanhassen, Minnesota);
Vortex Insurance Agency (Overland Park, Kansas);
WISSOTA (St. Cloud, Minnesota);
VP Racing Fuels (San Antonio, Texas);
Sunoco Racing Fuels (Marcus Hook, Pa.);
American Racer Tire (Indiana, Pennsylvania);
Event Sprout (Deerfield, Illinois);
Westhold (Santa Clara, California);
Mercury Marine / Quiksilver (Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin);
Performance Racing Industry (PRI) (Long Beach, California);
United States Motorsports Association (USMA) (Mooresville, North Carolina);
Speedway Illustrated (Epping, New Hampshire);
RaceCals (Auburn, Washingotn);
Spectrum Weather Insurance (Liberty, Missouri);
Fuel Factory (Murrysville, Pennsylvania);
Digital Throttle (Incline Village, Nevada);
Vietti Marketing Group (Springfield, Missouri);
FloSports / FloRacing (Austin, Texas);
T3 Tire Tracking Application (Middleville, Michigan);
Racing with Jesus Ministries (Tolland, Connecticut);

RPM provides a unique up close & personal opportunity to meet with representatives of the business. The folks with these companies took the time to recognize how important you are by being in attendance at RPM to create networking, meetings and one-on-one discussion, all in the business when it comes to RPM and the Annual RPM@Reno Western & RPM@Daytona Workshops.EXHIBITORSPOTLIGHT (#EXHIBITORSPOTLIGHT)
Get it Right, beyond the Inspection Room Doors...

Are your Inspectors getting it right?

As society slips continuously into what we've started referring to as the "Burger King" mentality, where people "want it their way, right away, all of the time", we have to look and examine our technical inspection procedures from all sides.

There are axes to grind on all sides of everything these days and being able to separate things and "get it right" is a true process. It takes dedication to the craft of performing a thorough inspection, following a process and the ability to have the ethics and integrity to do the right thing.

Why is this a legal update? Get the process wrong and you are almost certain to find out. Get it right and behind closed doors, never in common conversation, you will gain the respect of your peers and your entire pit area.

While competitors will rarely admit it, they'd rather compete on what they believe is a fair playing field as opposed to the lingering questions of "what and who" they are racing against.

In a recent personal experience, an extensive engine inspection was required. One method of inspection led to another to verify preliminary indications and questionable results.

In this case, engines were "tubed" utilizing an Engine Cubic Inch Tester as available through many wholesale and retail engine suppliers. The "Tube" utilizes a puck system with a "quad o-ring" that gives a reading and determines the cubic inch displacement of the engine through a calculation determined in a reference chart. The "Tube" while accurate may require further inspection following the initial determination.

In three cases that we observed recently, there were discrepancies. Two situations required further inspection to determine the original findings, while the third was handled in a questionable manner.

The first two instances that are mentioned required the removal of the cylinder head to inspect the bore and stroke of the engine to determine cubic inch displacement.

The engines that were inspected were each separate engine rules packages. One engine was determined to be legal while the other engine was determined to have exceeded the bore and did not have a stroke that matched the rules as set forth specifically in the rulebook for the Series in which the vehicles were participating. In terms of violations, it was a severe violation and potentially the most serious violation of the rules ever discovered during a post-race inspection in the history of the Series.

The third inspection, in the same regard, was not personally observed, however, what occurred was where things can become legally challenging.

The third engine was disqualified after there were multiple reports of the "Tube' not giving accurate readings. The team requested an appeal to the inspection process and was denied, including the team offering to break the seals of the engine, pull the cylinder head, and measure the bore and stroke for a further evaluation and accurate full assessment of the situation.

Of course, this is a balancing act, however, there are the ethics and integrity of the sport to protect as well as your legal terms. While this situation provided a case where it was not financially beneficial to pursue a legal route, it is something we all should consider when making these decisions.

Crossing every "T" and dotting every "i" in these cases is the only way to handle situations like this.

There are very few race teams at any level that do not know what they have in every aspect of their vehicles, so believing a competitor "didn't know" is truly not plausible these days. The competitors - for the most part - also know the process and many are willing to call your bluff during the inspection process. We are lucky that many of them would never make it as good poker players as we have consistently found out in many of these cases.

They will however, go right at the negative of the process to "save face" and many times we are dealing with people who have the financial horsepower to make things "legal", which is where the process becomes so sensitive.

If you are wrong, if you do something out of spite, it can cost you. Emotion needs to be removed from the equation and while some may question how any situation is handled, this has to be remembered.

Silence can be interpreted however someone wants to interpret it and most times it is interpreted in a negative manner but we have found it to be the best policy until all of the facts have been established.

There are also "the negotiators" regarding the participants, who try to break down every penalty or inspection process in terms of trying to fain their innocence since something else was found during the inspection process; the penalty didn't make a speed difference; it was someone else's part that they purchased and so on... the bottom line is the participant that presented the vehicle to be inspected is the responsible and accountable party.

Competitors are quick to hold everyone else accountable except for the person they look at in the mirror each morning. That also presents challenges for them in the sport along with others for the defamation that occurs. It is something we all need to be cognizant of.

There are many case examples that you could look up and reference or speak with your legal representative about that to define the necessity of being right and spot on in every step of the procedures, thoroughness, chain of custody, and accuracy inspection before executing a penalty.

All of this should go without saying, however, we always need to be reminded of these simple things.

As a case reference, the third engine was inspected post-mortem by a third party in the same manner as it was disqualified for and it passed the inspection multiple times on different cylinders. Make sure you and your staff are doing things properly, it will keep you out of trouble and potential legal battles.

As the late Paul Harvey would say, "now you know the rest of the story... good day".

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** ()

166 CRYSTAL CIRCLE, MOORESVILLE, NC 28117 704-325-8003 E-MAIL: ** (
Formed in 2015 by a coalition of industry businesses who recognized the need for greater organization, data and state/local advocacy for racing. Working every day all day as America’s Grassroots Racing Advocate.


414 MAIN ST., MANDAN, ND 58554 888-457-4637 Simes Graphic is full-service art studio that services short track racing. They design and print all types of brochures, posters, promotional materials.

1906 CLINTON ST, BUFFALO, NY, 14206 Your one stop source for printing, graphics, design & promotional materials for the racing industry.



13712 WOODLAND RANCH DRIVE, LONE JACK, MO 64086, 816-718-2231 FAX: 866-365-2231 Wholesale distributor of racing souvenirs, imprinted promotional items, apparel, and track supplies. Serving short track racing since 2008.


509 CLARENCE STREET, TOMBALL, TX 77375, 281-440-0044 P
rofessional audio production. Professional TV, Social & Radio commercials. Great creative, fast service, reasonable prices. Radio spots, TV ads,


6200 GRAND POINTE DR., GRAND BLANC, MI 48349 810-606-3655 Circle track crate engines. Engine, chassis and other racing/high-performance accessories available at your local GM dealer. For information, contact Bill Martens.


24215 SE GREEN VALLEY RD, AUBURN, WA 98092 1-888-928-8322 E-MAIL: ** (
Printing quality decals for the Motorsports industry, coast-to-coast and every genre of motorsports you’ll RaceCals work. Die Cutting; Digital Printing; Banners and Designing are all things you can count on RaceCals for.


1712 MAGNAVOX WAY, PO BOX 2338, FT. WAYNE, IN 46801-2338 800-348-1839

#101-5800 EXPLORER DRIVE, MISSISSAUGA, ON, L4W 5K9, 800-753-2632 The industry’s largest provider of racing insurance. More than 60 years of underwriting and risk management experience. Motorsport’s most experienced in-house claims staff. International service capability.

125 W. LAKE, STE 200, WAYZATA, MN 55391, 952-467-6111 Jones Birdsong Motorsports offers the widest range of products designed to protect motorsports associations, facilities, teams, and special events.

1365 WAMPANOAG TRAIL, EAST PROVIDENCE, RI 02915, 401-433-4000 Motorsports insurance programs for race tracks, teams, sanctioning groups, and drivers since 1947. Programs available in all 50 states.

14033 ILLINOIS ROAD, SUITE A, FORT WAYNE, IN 46814, 855-969-0305 Sports Insurance Specialists offers a complete motorsports portfolio of participant and spectator insurance. A proven industry leader. “Let’s kick some rIsk.”


302 N. SHERIDAN ST., CORONA, CA 92880,800-342-2512 Nationally known manufacturer and marketer of lubricants and additives for fleets and automobiles, owner Lucas Oil (MO) Speedway, sponsor of drag racing, pulling, motocross, off-road racing, ASCS, MLRA Series, the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.

W 6250 PIONEER RD., FOND DU LAC, WISC. 54936, 920-924-0833 One of the most recognized names in the production of marine engines, equipment, oils and lubricants has adapted their lubricants for successful solutions in multiple applications including motorsports.

PO BOX 1226, LINWOOD, PA 19061 800-722-3427 The largest refiner of racing gasoline. National distribution of quality brands. SUNOCO, Turbo Blue, and Trick.

204 EAST RHAPSODY DR., SAN ANTONIO, TX 78216, 210-635-7744 VP Racing Fuels is known as the world leader in racing fuel technology and the official fuel of 60 plus series.

4431 WILLIAM PENN HWY., SUITE 6, MURRYSVILLE, PA 15668 1-412-404-3329 E-MAIL: info@fuelfactoryusa Performance-driven, built for racers by racers. Focused on race fuel, plain and simple A desire to go fast and win, with the same goal for you. Fuel Factory, building a culture, built for speed.


774 MAYS BLVD #10-45, INCLINE VILLAGE, NV 89451 800-314-4702 E-MAIL: INFO@DIGITALTHROTTLE.COM Founded in 2009, we specialize in managing digital advertising for clients in automotive, powersports & motorsports markets. Working across all platforms: Social, Video, Display, Search & eCommerce. Our "real-world" industry experience and online advertising expertise utilize the latest technologies to measure ad performance and adjust every ad campaign to maximize results.

2914 E. BATTLEFIED ST., SPRINGFIELD, MO 65804 417-553-9105 Navigating each client with the precision and skill derived from 40 years of full-service experience. Taking the specifics of your identity as an idea or program and route your campaign in the most-effective manner possible driving results you can see.


142 F SOUTH CARDIGAN WAY, MOORESVILLE, N.C. 28117 704-790-0136 Media provider, formerly National Speed Sport Newss owned by Chris Economaki, Speed Sport has become a multifaceted media company offering publicity platforms for all forms of motorsports in addition to providing a full streaming service led by Chris Graner and Rivet.

27081 ALISO CREEK RD., STE 150 ALISO VIEJO, CA. 92656 949-499-5413 Since it's inception in 1986, Performance Racing Industry (PRI) has served the motorsports as key source for trends, merchandising, new products, business strategies and more. PRI is also the developer of the world's premier auto racing trade show, held each December in Indianapolis, Indiana.

979 SPRINGDALE RD., STE 120 AUSTIN, TX 78702 512-355-7936 A venture-backed subscription video streaming service dedicated to sports, offering live and on-demand access to hundreds of thousands of competition events across 25+ vertical sports categories in the US and abroad, including a diverse menu in all forms of racing as part of

PO BOX 741, EPPING, NH 03042 877-972-2362
Speedway Illustrated is a print magazine devoted to oval-track racing in America. Produced for over 20 years by the most accomplished, award-winning, and longstanding team of journalists in motorsports, you can enjoy the best coverage and do-it-yourself race-winning tech to race safer, be faster, and spend wiser.


1906 CLINTON STREET, BUFFALO, NY 14206 716-821-1880 Your one stop source for printing, graphics, design and promotional materials for the all of your print house needs.


65465 STATE ROUTE 931, LAKEVILLE, IN 46536 574-784-3152 Complete line of custom-manufactured spec racing tires for oval tracks, drag racing and road racing. The only company exclusively manufacturing racing tires.

1545 WASHINGTON ST., INDIANA, PA 15701,800-662-2168 Race tires forged in the highlands of Western Pennsylvania for racing around the world.

2180 N PAYNE RD LAKE RD, MIDDLEVILLE, MI 49333, 269-348-1347 E-Mail: ** (
The “Mobile Application” that is changing the tire tracking and inspection game. Easy to use mobile tire scanning application for us at the trackside tire inventory tracking.


872 MAIN ST. SW, UNIT D2, GAINESVILLE, GA 30501, 866-301-7223 Raceceiver one-way radios and race communications.

12 NOB RD., PLAINVILLE, CT 86062, 860-573-8821 Racing Electronics Authorized Dealer with a focus on successful communication plan for competitors, officials, track and series applications.


PO BOX 586, TOLLAND, CT 06084, 860-202-3598 Established in 1980, is known as the Racer’s Church. Ministering to the racing community through established sanctioning bodies, regional touring series and local tracks, seeking to provide opportunities for those we reach to fulfill the Great Commission in their lives.


1800 WEST D STREET, VINTON, IA 52349 319-472-2201 The nation’s oldest, largest, and leading sanctioning body. We focus on affordable divisions to assist the profitability of our sanctioned facilities and events.

ONE DAYTONA BLVD., DAYTONA BEACH, FL 32114, 386-310-6272 The NASCAR Home Tracks Program offers sanctioning opportunities for weekly racing and touring series events across North America and Europe.

24707 CTY. RD. 75, ST. AUGUSTA, MN 56301 320-251-1360 A member-driven sanction in the Upper Midwest featuring eight divisions of race cars: Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mod Fours, Pure Stocks and Hornets. As a member of WISSOTA, you vote on policies and rules and help guide YOUR organization. Click on Promoter Center at ** (


Rana Ventures, LLC 2549 WAUKEGAN ROAD #782 DEERFIELD, ILL 60015 713-320-0809 specializes in electronic ticketing of events. Easy setup along with the sale of automated ticketing machines.

PIT PAY APP, 7168 WEDDINGTON RD., SUITE 148, CONCORD, N.C. 28027 Pit Pay™? is the only Mobile Pit Pass app for the motorsports industry. Pit Pay, is committed to providing you with a simple, hassle-free experience in the app and at the track.

9142 D STREET, SACRAMENTO, CA 95814 888-798-9569 TicketSpice brings a specialized ticketing experience to the promoter and the customers to provide effortless online event management and ticket sales, marketing and ticketing that helps event organizers increase their bottomline.


2030 POWERS FERRY RD SE, STE.110, ATLANTA, GA 30339 678-816-4000 MyLaps offers the best in class sports timing systems to measure, publish, and analyze race and participant results for all sports and specifically auto racing.

872 MAIN ST. SW, UNIT D2, GAINESVILLE, GA 30501 866-301-7223 Raceceiver race communications. Raceceiver race management timing and scoring system.

5355 E. 38TH AVE., DENVER, CO 80207 408-533-0050 Westhold is a leading seller and manufacturer of race timing and scoring systems, scoreboards, message centers, video displays, and software.


PO BOX 484, LIBERTY, MO 64069 816-810-2346 Spectrum’s expertise has propelled us to become the largest provider of weather and event cancellation insurance in the USA.

7400 W. 132 ND ST., SUITE 260, OVERLAND PARK, KS 66213, 913-253-1210 Vortex Insurance offers weather insurance policies to mitigate the financial risk adverse weather presents in business.


500 NORTH ESTRELLA PARKWAY, GOODYEAR, AX 85338 304-481-2464 - E-Mail: Firethorn Marketing offers develops incredibly easy to manage and fully responsive websites.

PO BOX 81666, LINCOLN, NE 68501 402-302-2464 MyRacePass is a leader in the software development in motorsports specializing in a Race Management System, Website Development, Online Ticket Sales and Apparel Design.

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