Download Credential Application here

Download the application for the 2018 RPM@Reno Workshop here. The RPM Promoters Workshops accept applications via the FAX, postal mail, e-mail. The deadline for applications by FAX, postal mail, or e-mail, is November 16, 2018. After the application deadline, late entries can be made at the Workshop applying in person at the RPM Guest Services Desk on-site. The cost for all late-entry credentials is $345.00 per person. If you are an exhibitor, you must reserve credentials with the commercial registrant credential application form which your firm has received via e-mail.

MULTIPLE WORKSHOPS: If you will attend multiple Workshops, please complete a separate credential application for each Workshop.

Tracks, series, clubs, tours, racing officials use application below. Registered Commercial Registrants (exhibitors) use credential application provided by e-mail.

Click Image Below To Download RPM@Reno Credential Application (PDF file).







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